Celebrate Your Bachelorette Party in The RA

Looking for somewhere fun to celebrate your last night out as a single woman? Let RA Sushi handle your “final meal” before you take the marital plunge with a choice of “Fling Before the Ring” Bachelorette Packages.

Ladies hosting a bachelorette event will get their party started with a delicious prix fixe dinner and cocktails at RA Sushi. The bride-to-be will receive a gift bag from RA Sushi including bachelorette goodies to help make the night special and coupons from various retail shops at the Fashion Show Mall.

RA’s exclusive “Fling Before the Ring” Packages feature three different menu options to satisfy every bride-to-be and her female friends – the Cubic Zirconia “CZ” Package priced at $20 per person, the Two-Carat Package at $27 per person, and the Bling Bling Package at $35 per person. Packages include choices of appetizers, sushi, entrees, desserts, and cocktails. Ladies in attendance will also enjoy RA’s signature bachelorette cocktails, “Gold Digger” and “Last Chance for RA’mance.”

Contact RA Sushi at (702) 696-0008 for more information or to make a reservation.

Please visit www.RASushi.com for more information.