Dredg to Perform at The Lounge Inside The Palms Casino Resort

The Lounge inside the Palms Casino Resort continues to offer guests affordable and intimate entertainment offerings, including free performances from all genres of music.  On July 30, dredg will appear with special guest Fair to Midland. Tickets are $15 plus applicable fees.

For a band, longevity is a double-edged sword. It means that an artist’s music has the power to sustain over time, but it also means that evolution is necessary. Sometimes that progression is organic and slow while other times it’s urged, driven by a desire to change and grow. That is where we find Bay Area rock band dredg today, on the brink of releasing their fifth album in more than 15 years.

dredg’s new album, Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy is a far cry from their 1998 debut Leitmotif and even from their most recent disc, 2009’s The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion. Through the band’s history, fans can see how the band has transformed themselves again and again of their own volition.

For nearly eight months, beginning last winter, the band members sent songs back and forth over e-mail, allowing the tracks to slowly build and layer under individual microscopes. Producer Dan the Automator was brought into the process early, imbuing the entire development with a distinct sense of collaboration that married dredg’s signature style with his visionary approach.

The resulting album is almost like opening a new chapter of a book. The players are familiar and it still sounds like the work of the same artist, but the tones have shifted and the setting’s changed. There’s no concept in these songs, no real thread that connects them except that they capture the same moment in time for a group of individuals. The disc’s 11 tracks total out to only about 40 minutes, something that was intentional on the part of the band after extensive research on the length of successful albums. There is no erudite theme in the lyrics; just vocalist’s Gavin Hayes’ personal experiences, which he extends to the listener in each song.

Although the tones and pacing shift as the album progresses, the songs all fall under the category of what Hayes calls “dark pop.” “The Thought of Losing You,” driven by a surging guitar riff, achieves emotional depth through simplicity rather than over-complication, while “Upon Returning” pairs rough-edged guitars with Hayes’ ambient vocals that soar in juxtaposition with the grinding instrumentals. A shadowed mood hovers under the music, lending a sense of pensive introspection to the songs, but in the end the album emerges as a beacon of optimism.

The Lounge inside Palms Casino Resort
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Las Vegas, Nev. 89103

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