Eastside Cannery Player Wins Pai Gow Progressive Jackpot of $172,929

Eastside Cannery Player Wins Pai Gow Progressive Jackpot of $172,929
It took Chastine M. one hour to land the largest Pai Gow jackpot ever to be paid out on Boulder Highway. The Henderson resident won $172,929 playing no-commission, progressive EZ Pai Gow Poker.  

Most Progressive Pai Gow games in Las Vegas charge a 5% commission. In March, all Cannery Casino Resort properties began offering the No Commission Progressive variation of the game called EZ Pai Gow.

At the same time, all the progressive systems were converted to the DEQ G3 Progressives that offer multiple credit wagering as well as mystery prizes. “Chastine’s payday is an example of a player who not only won a large jackpot, but also did not have to pay a commission on her winnings, as she would have at most casinos in town”, said Marty Gross, Vice President and General Manager Eastside Cannery Casino.

On her second visit to the Eastside Cannery Casino, Chastine sat down and played Progressive EZ Pai Gow Poker for less than 60 minutes and was dealt a 7-Card Straight Flush resulting in the big win.

“The way we see it, players deserve to take home ALL their winnings and we believe the player will decide not to play anywhere else”, said Marty Gross.