Caesars Entertainment Set to Celebrate Lunar New Year with Traditional Chinese Menus

To help celebrate Lunar New Year and to ring in the Year of the Dragon, Caesars Entertainment will offer traditional Chinese menus at three Las Vegas locations, including Beijing Noodle No. 9 and Empress Court at Caesars Palace and Ming’s Table at Harrah’s Las Vegas. The special menus will be available at the Caesars Palace restaurants Jan. 20 through Feb. 6 and at Harrah’s from Jan. 23 through Jan. 29.

Beijing Noodle No. 9
Caesars Palace
Beijing Noodle No. 9 invites guests to celebrate Lunar New Year with an à la carte menu that features many customary Chinese dishes, including an assorted braised seafood platter that is believed to bring good fortune to the entire family for the New Year. Other traditional items on the menu have similar prophecies of good fortune and great prosperity, such as Wealth and Fortune, a dish with fried fish and shrimp, and Auspicious Beginning, with Napa cabbage and dried baby shrimp. For reservations call 702.731.7267.

Empress Court
Caesars Palace
Empress Court cordially invites all guests to celebrate Lunar New Year with two separate prix fixe menus, each for a party of ten. Priced at $1,280 or $1,080 for the entire group, families and friends are treated to a feast of ten delicious dishes traditionally served in Chinese New Year celebrations. Highlights of the meal include lobster salad with walnuts, roasted baby squab as well as head chef Kin Sun Sui’s signature sweet and sour scallops and squid. Both prix fixe menus end with a beautifully plated fruit platter that is not only a perfect finish to the meal, but symbolizes the wish for a sweet ending to the New Year for the group. For reservations call 702.731.7267.

Ming’s Table
Harrah’s Las Vegas
Ming’s Table at Harrah’s Las Vegas welcomes all guests celebrating Lunar New Year to enjoy the special à la carte menu, available for a limited time from Jan. 23 to Jan. 29. Items on the menu are specially designed and named for the New Year, including the whole live fresh fish that is also a double entendre for wealth and prosperity year after year in the Chinese language. Other entrées on the menu include sautéed bamboo skin with asparagus and deep fried tofu topping with sautéed seafood. For reservations call 702.862.3530.