Ricky Hatton and Joey Chestnut at Hooter’s Casino Hotel

Ricky Hatton and Joey Chestnut at Hooter's
Yesterday, Ricky Hatton was spotted recovering from the fight on Saturday night at Hooters Casino Hotel. Hatton seemed fit and chipper as he dined in the Hooters Restaurant.  I’m sure the beautiful 2009 Hooters Calendar Girls that were accompanying him might have had something to do with his upbeat demeanor.

Also spotted with Hatton at Hooters was Joey Chestnut. Joey is also known as “Jaws” to those who follow competitive eating. Joey is currently ranked first in the world by the International Federation of Competitive Eating. Joey was spied eating his fair share of Hooters Wings on Sunday.

Joey was also seen partying with the 2009 Hooters Calendar Girls at Dixie’s Dam Bar on Friday night where he showed the girls a few cool dance moves.

Pictured: The Hooters Calendar Girls, Doug Kappy (behind Ricky Hatton), Ricky Hatton and Joey Chestnut on the far right. Photo courtesty of Hooters Casino Hotel.