Las Vegas-Based Event on October 18-19 Opens Doors of Opportunity for Inventors – a dynamic service company dedicated to helping inventors successfully bring their creative genius to market – has pulled together nearly a dozen hard-hitting presentations, each offering critical insights designed to help inventors bring their new products to the attention of potential end-user customers.’s first annual International Inventor’s Expo – to be held at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas on October 18th and 19th, 2008 – has been designed from the ground up to assist inventors to navigate the treacherous passage from concept to retail distribution.

In preparing for this event, has surveyed inventors about what kind of help they most need and want, and this expo was created to answer their most ambitious dreams.

Inventors said they wanted a safe and supportive environment where they could display and demonstrate their invention in front of skilled professionals who regularly – and successfully – help inventors take their brainstorms from dream to reality.

Inventors said they wanted more than just access to markets – they wanted to receive critical information on every step of the invention process itself. One inventor from Pennsylvania said, “I need information that will either allow me to either ‘do it all’ myself – or more likely, allow me to more clearly and completely understand the professional advice I get from experts such as patent attorneys and prototype developers.”

That information exchange was designed to be at the very heart of’s International Inventor’s Expo. In this fast-paced two-day Expo, InventBay will offer participating inventors with free access to specialized seminars and workshops running – virtually non-stop – that will allow inventors to learn more about the invention process, even as they make the person-to-person connections that are so often the difference between the dream and the reality.’s panel of experts are expected to present to participating inventors the kinds of in-depth explorations and detailed step-by-step guidelines that will put these inventors back in the driver’s seat. The International Inventor’s Expo is designed to give ambitious inventors the power they need to succeed.

Topics for the International Inventor’s Expo’s education-track program include:

  • Common Patent Mistakes – How to Avoid Them
  • Starting a Business
  • Licensing 101
  • Corporate Structure and Business Credit
  • How to Design & Prototype Inventions
  • Starting Your Own local Invention Group
  • Approaching and Dealing with Product Buyers
  • Marketing and Promoting Your Invention
  • Financing your Invention in Tough Economic Times

The speakers and their topics – as well as the opportunity to meet, face-to-face, experts who can help inventors realize their fondest dreams – represent significant reasons why both active and would-be inventors will want to attend this free International Inventor’s Expo.

Entrance is free to inventors and aspiring inventors – as well as those who are just interested in seeing the “next big thing” before it hits the market. All Speakers presentations are free as well, and booth space for exhibitors, is also available, for a fee.

The International Inventor’s Expo will be open from 9AM to 5PM on October 18th and 19th. In addition to the inventor display tradeshow area, the Expo floor will include two Presentation Halls, each with seating for up to 400.