Insurgo Theater to Host SMP’s ‘Evil Dead The Musical’ at The Plaza

Insurgo Theater to Host SMP’s 'Evil Dead The Musical' at The Plaza
Starting this summer, the wildly popular Evil Dead The Musical will be taking up residency in Sin City at The Plaza Hotel and Casino in the heart of fabulous downtown Las Vegas. Sirc Michaels Productions is presenting the show at The Insurgo Theater, a 100-seat showroom located on the 3rd floor of the casino. 

This is a return of sorts for many of the cast and crew members of the version of the show that ran to great fanfare last October and earlier this year. Ben Stobber will be returning to reprise his role of Ash, along with most of the cast. Sirc Michaels will be directing once again. While the show brings together many of the same people, it includes effects, sets, choreography, makeup, and other elements that were not possible in its past incarnation.

Sirc Michaels Productions is excited to be working with The Insurgo Theater to present this interactive entertainment experience to fans of the show, residents of Las Vegas, and tourists alike.

EDTM (as the show’s fans refer to it) has been in the works as a professional show in Vegas since the beginning of 2012, and it took going to nearly every venue in the city to find the right fit. The show requires an intimate house of no more than about 300 or so seats, which can be hard to find on the Strip or downtown. Then, the venue needs to have an area at the front of the stage for the VIP splatter zone, where a majority of the blood sprayed out nightly ends up. Outside of the venue there needs to be a lobby where all of the additional experience materials such as a “fancam”, picture area, special props section, a concession booth, and more can be seen and interacted with by audience members. All of these elements, coupled with the fact that there is an intermission, made it challenging to find a venue that could work in a city where intermissions are frowned upon, audience members are herded in and out of shows as quickly as possible, and the concept of creating an interactive entertainment experience out of a show has not taken a firm hold. What the production needed was a home, and it has found that home at The Insurgo Theater, which has recently hosted such shows as CANNIBAL THE MUSICAL and REEFER MADNESS THE MUSICAL.

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