Strip House Celebrates National Oyster and Filet Mignon Day

Strip House Filet
Strip House Las Vegas
in Planet Hollywood celebrates National Oyster Day Sunday, August 5 and National Filet Mignon Day Monday, August 13. In honor of these national foodie holidays, the restaurant is offering a special to celebrate each occasion, and even some professional advice for those that would like to celebrate from their own kitchen. 

For National Oyster Day, Corporate Executive Chef John Schenk is giving his tips and tricks on how to shuck the perfect oyster (See below). But for those that want to leave the shucking to the professionals, the restaurant will feature Fanny Bay Deep Cove Oysters ($1.50 each) all night Sunday, August 5.

On National Filet Mignon Day Strip House is offering a mouthwatering special. Diners can indulge in an off the menu 14 oz. bone-in-filet ($56), and complete the meal with signature sides such as Creamed Corn or Goose Fat Potatoes.

Strip House is open Sunday – Thursday 5 pm to 11 pm and Friday – Saturday 5 pm to 11:30 pm. For more information please contact 702.737.5200 or visit

Strip House Oysters
Strip House Oysters

How to shuck the perfect oyster from Corporate Executive Chef John Schenk


  • An oyster knife. Chef Schenk prefers one with a curved tip.
  • Non-cut gloves. This works better than a towel but certainly costs more. It is however, cheaper than a trip to the emergency room.
  • For the amateur: Hand pick out oysters at the store that have noticeably big back hinges and less of a general curve for easier shucking.


  • Place the oyster on a kitchen towel curve side down with the small tip hinge joint facing you.
  • Wiggle the tip of the oyster knife into the hinge.
  • Twist the knife and get the hinge joint to “pop.” Pry the back area open slightly.
  • Once open, run the oyster knife along the top inside surface of the oyster and cut the muscle that is holding the top and bottom shells together at 2 o’clock. Be sure to not puncture the oyster during this process.
  • Gently lift off the top shell and cleanly cut any part of the oyster that is still attached while trying not to rip the oyster.
  • Run the knife under the oyster to fully detach from the shell.
  • Chef Schenk likes to flip the oyster over in the bottom shell as this makes it look plumper. Note: this is a particularly good tip when shucking West Coast oysters.