Bottles & Wood is Good For The Neighborhood

Grey Goose shot glasses
Newly founded Bottles & Wood brings a fresh perspective to retail through products made entirely from recycled materials.

“There is an incredible demand for our products,” says Steve Cherry, CEO and co-founder of Bottles & Wood. “Trendy restaurants and bars are looking for ways to bring environmental responsibility into their culture, and glasses repurposed from liquor bottles, for example, are a unique and eye-catching way to do this.”

“We say we are ‘good for the neighborhood’ because we get people thinking about the environment, and encourage people to act in a more responsible way rather than just sending everything to a landfill,” says co-founder Tricia Ossa. “A lot of what we throw away is beautiful, top-notch material. We reinvent the life of these objects in a way that is environmentally smart and fun for the end user.”

Bottles & Wood appeals to restaurant, nightlife and hospitality purveyors, as well as, the general public through a diverse line of products including wine bottle tumblers, serving bowls, cutting boards and serving trays, lamps and even a line of jewelry, which includes distinctive bangle bracelets. Part of Bottles & Wood’s appeal is leveraging the brand allegiance consumers have for a favorite beverage and seeing the product’s life reinvented in a way that is creative and faithful to the spirit of the original product.

Bottles & Wood uses local resources to offer an artisanal twist on distinctive products made from reclaimed materials. Founded by Steve Cherry and partner Tricia Ossa, Bottles & Wood manufactures merchandise made from used recyclable materials. From glass bottles and windows, to wine barrels and pallets, Bottles & Wood is an environmentally sound company that supports local business in job creation, coining the phrase, “Good for the Neighborhood.”

In association with Republic Recycling, Bottles & Wood retrieves all glass and wood materials from local sources such as hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. Bottles & Wood turns one man’s trash into another man’s treasure with the creation of hand-crafted products including: glass tableware, candle holders and votives, jewelry, light fixtures and wood products for commercial and residential use. Bottles & Wood focuses on creating exceptional products by offering earth-friendly merchandise that surpass expectations and can be found at 3480 Cavaretta Ct. in Las Vegas or online at Follow Bottles & Wood or become a fan at or