Comedian Judy Tenuta Visits Magician Murray SawChuck at The Laugh Factory at Tropicana Las Vegas

Murray SawChuck, Judy Tenuta and Chloe Louise Crawford
Comedy magician and Tropicana headliner Murray SawChuck and assistant Chloe Louise Crawford welcomed accordion-playing comedian Judy Tenuta backstage last night at the Laugh Factory (Pictured: Murray SawChuck, Judy Tenuta and Chloe Louise Crawford).  

Judy is in town for the week performing at the Laugh Factory September 23-27 at 8:30pm and 10:30pm (click for tickets). Murray is currently the ONLY headliner now at the Tropicana as Recycled Percussion ‘has left the building’.

Murray flies out this Wednesday night to perform for a week and a half at the Majesty Theatre in Melbourne, Australia the back to the Tropicana on Oct. 1, 2012 through Halloween!

Murray SawChuckThe “Laugh Factory Presents: ‘Murray Celebrity Magician’” has been extended through Halloween, 2012. “America’s Got Talent” semifinalist and “Pawn Stars” resident magic expert Murray SawChuck entertains audiences at the Tropicana Las Vegas 6 nights a week at 7pm (Fridays are dark). Click here for ticket information. Visit Murray’s home page or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.