Kevin Lepine’s ‘Hypnosis Unleashed’ to Open at Hooter’s Casino in Las Vegas Oct. 11

Kevin Lepine's ‘Hypnosis Unleashed’ to Open at Hooter's Casino in Las Vegas Oct. 11
Kevin Lepine
is an award-winning hypnotist, named “Best Hypnotist” by Sin City Uncut. On October 11, his spectacular, one-of-a-kind show  ‘Hypnosis Unleashed’ will open at Hooters Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Kevin’s unique show brings the audience to the forefront, making those who wish to be hypnotized the true stars of the act. With wild and hilarious antics, ranging from convincing full-grown men that they’re about to go into labor to letting volunteers’ inner Britney Spears shine, Kevin’s spectacular blend of true hypnosis and impeccable comedic timing make this a show that visitors to Vegas will not want to miss.

Kevin has performed all over the United States, from New Orleans to New York, and his reputation as the life of every party spurred him to set his sights on Vegas as his next great venue.

Hypnosis Unleashed offers the perfect balance between naughty Vegas moments and making sure that those hypnotized are stars, not laughing stocks; “I want my volunteers to have the time of their lives. The volunteers have even more fun than the audience” says Kevin.  “You will do insane things, but you will never be humiliated or embarrassed.  Hypnosis Unleashed makes you the star of the show. ”

A brilliant combination of razor-sharp comedy and absolutely astonishing hypnosis make Kevin’s show truly unforgettable, and his audiences rave that they’ve never had so much fun.

Hypnosis Unleashed, the longest-running show on the Las Vegas Strip, is certain to be as unforgettable as it is entertaining. The eighteen-and-up fun will begin on October 11th.

Called “The Rock Star of Hypnosis”, Kevin Lepine takes his audience and volunteers through a show they will laugh about for the rest of their lives.  Kevin started his career in Detroit, where he became a Certified Hypnotherapist.  With his love of stage and comedy, he quickly took his show to comedy clubs across the country.  After a six-month gig in New Orleans turned into five-year show, Kevin set his sights on Las Vegas. He is the winner of many awards including:  “Best Show”, “Readers’ Choice”, and “Comedy/Novelty Act of the Year”. Kevin makes each show a unique experience, from corporate events around the world, comedy clubs across the country, and, now, here in Las Vegas.

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