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The LGBT Academy of Recording Arts Announces 2012 Nominations

The journey to the road of equality in the music industry for LGBT artists keeps getting better with the announcements of the 2012 nominees for the 8th Annual OUTMUSIC Awards. The nominations highlight an eclectic mix of talented artists often overlooked for their musical genius.

The 2012 OUTMUSIC Awards will take place in Las Vegas, one of the world’s top LGBT destinations, at PH Live at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on Dec. 16 at 8 p.m. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased by visiting OUTMUSIC Awards or Ticketmaster. Ticket price ranges from $31.00 to $81.00.

“This is a very exciting time in history for LGBT recording artists,” said Diedra Meredith, CEO and Chairwoman of LARA and the OUTMUSIC Awards. “The nominations and the awards reflect the continued progress these amazing artists and the industry as a whole are making.”

The nominees for the 8th Annual OUTMUSIC Awards are:

Best Alternative Song
Stephan Nance – “Japanese Garden”
Love Darling – “Let Go”
Mike Acerbo – “Tribly”
Baron – “The Remedy”
Rachael Sage – “Abbey Would You Wait”

Best Rock Song
Derek Nicoletto – “Champion”
B Slade – “Elegant Simple”
Antigone Rising – “Everywhere Is Home”
Love Darling – “Let Go”
Vicci Martinez – “Come Along” feat Cee Lo Green

Best Pop Song
Matt Zarley – “Change Begins With Me””
Jason Walker – “Leave It all Behind”
Jeffrey Straker – “Gone”
Todd Alsup – “The Only Thing”
Vicci Martinez – “Come Along” feat. Cee Lo Green

Best Hip-Hop/Rap Song
Swanny River – “It Is What It Is When The Best Drop Drop”
OG Big Mama – “Damn U Thic”
Blu Nyle – “Mango Juice”
B Slade – “Phony Pony” (feat Jalia Simms, Trevon James & DDM)
KIN4Life – “It’s Over Now”

Best R&B/Soul Song
Marck Angel feat Billy Badd – “Earth Angel”
Michael V. Doane – “We Did It Right”
Orikl As-Salaam – “Excapizm”
Nhojj – “Live Your Life”
B Slade – “I’m Done”

Best Dance/Electronica
Giovanni Aguayo – “It’s Over”
Brian Kent – “Su Su Su Superstar”
Solomon – “Life Goes On”
B Slade – “Get Over You” feat Frankie Knuckles
Frenchie Davis – “Loves Got A Hold On Me”

Best Folk/Country
Kiya Heartwood – “Change (Is Gonna Come)”
Suzanne Nuttall – “I See Wild Horses”
Sierra West – “Hold Your Fire”
Sugarbeach – “Led Me To You”
Antigone Rising – “Everywhere Is Home”

Best Jazz/Cabaret Song
Veronica Klaus – “You’re My Thrill”
Nhojj – “You’re A 10”
Avi Wisnia – “Maoz Tsur (Rock of Ages)
Sean360x – “Je Ne Sais Quoi”

Best Spoken Word
Red Summer – “Loose Woman”
Sean360x – “One Tone Poem”
Kaoz – “The Boy Next Door”
Climbing Poetree – “”Between Us”

Best Song On A Soundtrack/Instrumental
Mark Barnes – “Gabby’s Song” (A Tribute To Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords)
Dudley Saunders – “What I Won’t”
Girls Like Us Soundtrack – “Lefty Luciano”
Marck Angel – “Deep”
Nhojj – “Making Love”
Sugarbeach – “Come On Out”

Best Spiritual/Inspirational Song
Kiya Heartwood – “Hold On”
Jason Walker – “I Am Changing”
San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir – “Testimony”
Ginger Doss – “Thankful”
Nhojj – “Amazing Grace”

Best International Song
Sugarbeach – “Led Me To You”
Virago – “Love Over Fear”
Sean360x – “Je Ne Sais Quoi”
Las Krudas – “Resistiendo”

Biello-Martin Love Song
Brett Every – “What A Beautiful Day”
Nhojj – “He & Him”
Sugarbeach – “My Perfect Christmas”

Single of the Year
Athena Reich – “It’s Our Time”
Kin4Life – “It’s Over”
Vicci Martinez – “Come Along” feat Cee Lo Green
Matt Zarley – “Change Begins With Me”
Solomon – “Life Goes On” Radio Edit”

Best Producer of the Year
Mike Acerbo – “The Night Light”
Michael V. Doane – “Little Kid”
Nhojj – “Live Your Life”
Virago – “Love Over Fear”
Rachael Sage – “California”

Video of the Year
Solomon – “Life Goes On”
Kin4Life – “It’s Over”
Brian Kent – “Su Su Su Superstar”
Jeffery Straker – “Slings and Arrows”
Matt Zarley – “Trust Me”

Album of the Year
Kevin Wong – “Songs from the Weekend”
Antigone Rising – “23 Red”
Derek Nicoletto – “Kind Ghosts”
Rachael Sage – “Haunted By You”
Matt Zarley – “Change Begins With Me”

Best CD Cover Artwork
Brian Kent – “Su Su Su Superstar”
Mike Acerbo – “The Search”
Mark Barnes – “Alive”
Stephan Nance – “A Troubled Piece Of Fruit”
Rachael Sage – “Haunted By You”

Sonic Bids Humanitarian Songwriter of the Year
SONiA – “Michelangelo”
Frankie Love – “Now’s The Time”
Grrlz Will Be Boiz – “Almost Home”
Nick Driver “Universal Love” feat Jonah Martranga
Brett Every – “What A Beautiful Day”
Flyrdaz Super Party Group – “Mama Told Me”
Athena Reich – “It’s Our Time”

Winners of some categories will be announced Friday, December 14, during the OUTMUSIC Awards Pre-OMA Welcome Reception to be held at Krave Massive, the biggest gay nightclub in the world.

For more information on the OUTMUSIC Awards, to purchase tickets, or book hotel rooms and discounted travel accommodations, please visit