Art World’s “Rockstar” Soon to be a Household Name

Las Vegas based, Michael Godard, known as the “Rockstar of the Art World,” is one of the most sought-after and collected artists of our time. His works hang in the homes of celebrities, politicians, and musicians. His original artwork sells for tens of thousands of dollars, but recently his famous images have become more accessible to the general public in a “Mini” size.

Beginning October 1st, 2008, the Godard Mini Collection will be available to more than 650 million people through a partnership between SkyMall Magazine ( ) and the Godard Mini Collector’s Club ( ). This marks the first time that Godard’s images will be made so widely available and easily accessible.

“We are making it possible for anyone who likes Godard images, to have access to them, and they don’t have to be rich or famous to afford them,” said Paula Hodges, CEO of Duchess Industries, parent company to the Godard Mini Collector’s Club, and the Godard’s Crib online store ( ).

The “Mini’s” are open edition portrait-sized (11×13 & 11×16) digitally mastered replicas of Godard originals printed on canvas. Comes with a custom frame, Godard’s authorized signature and a certificate of authenticity. The collection of 140 images will be released in groups of 7 images per calendar quarter over the next 5 years. Each release will be available for 6 months only and may never be released again in the “Mini” size.