Restaurant Guy Savoy Inside Caesars Palace Introduces the Cognac Lounge Offering Rare Cognacs

Restaurant Guy Savoy Inside Caesars Palace Introduces the Cognac Lounge Offering Rare Cognacs
Following almost seven years of success, Restaurant Guy Savoy inside Caesars Palace brings yet another first to Las Vegas with its debut of the Cognac Lounge and  master-crafted cognac menu. 

The Cognac Lounge offers cognac connoisseurs and novices alike a taste of history with rare cognacs, many of which can only be found at the award-winning restaurant. The Restaurant Guy Savoy master-crafted cognac menu features cognacs which will evolve as the restaurant acquires other bottles or bottles are finished.

After enjoying a delectable gourmet meal at the highly acclaimed Michelin two-star and recently awarded Forbes Travel Guide Five Star Restaurant Guy Savoy, spirit aficionados can indulge in worldly cognacs that take the palate to a different time and place delivering a unique and sophisticated libation experience unlike any other.

The Cognac Lounge, which formerly served the Bites and Bubble menu, will uphold its unique design blend of elegance and glamour, adorned with an array of elite cognac bottles. Guests can dine and sip on some of the world’s finest indulgences all in one relaxing location.

Cognacs exclusive to Restaurant Guy Savoy include:

  • Perfection by Hardy – Known as the world’s oldest unblended cognac this vintage derives from 100 percent French Colombard grapes and has been aged 140 years. The vines that produced this are no longer alive and only 1,200 bottles were produced creating an extremely finite amount of product.
  • Hennessy Ellipse – Hennessy, the best-selling brand of cognac, has been a family distillery for eight generations, since 1765.  The Hennessy master blender has been of the same family for seven generations.  As a tribute to this dedicated family history Hennessy blended together the best vintages for seven generations to create Ellipse.
  • Hine Talent – Stored in hand-etched Baccarat crystal this vintage was bottled in 1990 to celebrate the bi-centennial of the family’s arrival in France.