Kyle Richards Parties at The Bank for DJ Sky Blu Event

Kyle Richards and her hubby Mauricio were spotted at The Bank Nightclub
At Bellagio on Friday, Kyle Richards and her hubby Mauricio were spotted at The Bank Nightclub where they spent the night dancing, drinking and cuddling while talking to friends (Photo credit: Bryan Steffy / WireImage /

At one point, Kyle even kicked off her heels and climbed onto the banquette barefoot to dance! They stayed until past 3am when they exited with their friends.

The Bank also presented an exciting new addition as Sky Blu of LMFAO kicked off his “Who Came to Party?” residency – PHOTOS!

Justin Timberlake had a fun boys night out in Las Vegas while his wife Jessica Biel partied with her girlfriends at a restaurant in the same hotel!

Justin and his friends came to Yellowtail at Bellagio around 10pm with a big group of guys and sat at a table on the side of the main dining room. They ate assorted sushi and sashimi and Justin was drinking sake. The group was celebrating a friend’s bachelor party and were having a great time – they cheered a few times and were really having fun.

Meanwhile Jessica Biel had a girls night out at Fix at Bellagio – directly across the hall from where JT was dining at Yellowtail. In town for a friends bachelorette, Jessica and her group enjoyed Fix’s Greatest Hits including the tuna tartare, wings and some other shared plates. The group was also celebrating a friend’s bachelorette party and were overheard giving celebratory toasts to their pal.