GRAMMY Award-Nominated Fat Joe Transforms LAX Nightclub into Special Cinco de Mayo Bash

Fat Joe and back up vocalist TA perform at LAX Nightclub
On Saturday, May 4, GRAMMY Award-nominated Fat Joe transformed LAX Nightclub located inside Luxor Hotel and Casino into a Cinco de Mayo bash to remember  (Pictured: Fat Joe and TA – Photo credit: Toby Acuna/SpyOnVegas)

Arriving after 1 a.m., the smooth Latino artist and his entourage made their way through the mega-club to their VIP booth where they settled in and relaxed by having a few drinks before Fat Joe took over the stage.

Fat Joe performs at LAX Nightclub
Fat Joe performs at LAX Nightclub

Photo credit: Toby Acuna/SpyOnVegas.

Cheers erupted near 1:30 a.m. as the charming musician, sporting trendy shades and an impressive gold chain, took the mic to address his fans, “Who’s ready to have a good time tonight LAX?” as he kicked off his performance with one of his more recent hits “You Got It,” whom he collaborated with Eminem and T.I. Addressing his admiring fans he asked, “Where are all the beautiful ladies at? Make some noise!” and the women on the dance floor shouted as he segued into one of his most popular jams “What’s Love.” “I know we’re in the club but let’s slow it down a bit and keep it sexy,” he said and provided his vocals to his catchy track with Chris Brown “Another Round.” The multi-platinum artist continued to wow clubgoers as he sang his classic chart-topping hits including “Make it Rain” “Lean Back” and “All I Do Is Win.” Fat Joe then asked the crowd if there were any Latinos in the house. The club soared with excitement when he dedicated his newest track to his most prized supporters by ending on a high note with “Ballin’.”

The industry icon put on an excitement-filled production alongside his hype man and back up vocalist TA, leaving clubgoers in awe. Prior to exiting the main stage the rapper said, “Thank you for the love Las Vegas!” and made his way back to his VIP booth. After his performance, the artist posed for pictures while he sipped on his drink and celebrated his performance with close friends.

Fat Joe is currently working on his new collaborative album The Darkside Volume 3 featuring a lineup of renowned artists including Wiz Khalifa, Fabulous and Trey Songz, slated for release this fall.