Chloe Crawford of FANTASY and ‘Murray Celebrity Magician’ to Host STRIPLV Magazine Cover Party June 14

Chloe Crawford of FANTASY and 'Murray Celebrity Magician' to Host STRIPLV Magazine Cover Party June 14
Strip Las Vegas Magazine
is hosting a party with Las Vegas’ hottest couple, FANTASY dancer, model and actress Chloe Crawford and husband, Tropicana headliner and Celebrity Magician, Murray SawChuck.  Chloe is featured on the cover of the current issue of Strip Las Vegas Magazine. 

The issue release party takes place TODAY, June 14, from 1pm to 6pm at Bagatelle Beach, located next door to Tropicana Las Vegas!

Chloe has had an amazing year. She moved from England to Las Vegas, married Las Vegas headliner Murray SawChuck, became a featured dancer in one of Vegas’ hottest female revues FANTASY and was featured in Sports Illustrated. She guest starred on USA’s Top Gear, Hallmark’s Home & Family, and the Marie show. Chloe is currently on two magazine covers at the same time:  Lifestyles Magazine and StripLV!

Chloe said, “I am absolutely honored to have been so well received in Las Vegas after only being here a short time. I love my job and what I do! Thanks to my mom, Jane Crawford, for all her support and the rest of my family. Hard work, dedication, and support really pay off!”

So it’s time to party! Meet Murray and Chloe today at Bagatelle Beach, right next door to the Tropicana’s show Murray Celebrity Magician where Chloe plays magician’s assistant to reality star and Las Vegas strip headliner Murray SawChuck.