Comedy Illusionist Murray SawChuck Gets a Visit and Surprise from Artist Kathy I. Heintz at The Tropicana Las Vegas

Murray and Chloe with artist Kathy I. Heintz (C) at The Tropicana Las Vegas
Artist Kathy I. Heintz met Comedy Illusionist Murray SawChuck and wife Chloe Louise Crawford at First Friday in Downtown Las Vegas when Murray bought one of her original paintings of The Frontier Hotel, the first hotel on The Strip where Murray first performed his show in 2002. 

Today, Kathy Heintz and her husband David surprised Murray by dropping by The Tropicana with two new paintings for Murray:  one of his new home on The Strip, The Tropicana Las Vegas and one of the first Las Vegas hotel Chloe performed in, The Gold Coast Hotel & Casino.

Murray remarked, “What a sweet surprise to have her come to my show along with her husband… If you know ANYTHING about me… EVERYTHING in my house ‘has a story’… very few things are store bought… every painting or item in my house has a story and is part of my life. So great seeing both of them at my show!”

Murray SawChuckComedy Magician Murray SawChuck stars in The Laugh Factory Presents: ‘MURRAY Celebrity Magician’ along with wife Chloe Crawford and sidekick Doug “Lefty” Leferovich at The Tropicana Las Vegas. Murray, an America’s Got Talent semifinalist and “Pawn Stars” resident magic expert, entertains audiences Sunday through Thursday at 4pm. Click here for tickets! Visit Murray’s home page or follow on Facebook and Twitter.