Do’s and Don’ts in Las Vegas

Most tourists often fall into various types of legal problems when they visit Vegas. Getting busted in Vegas is easy, especially if you are not conversant with different laws in Nevada. These laws may cover various areas such as driving, walking, gambling, drinking, drug abuse and gun laws. This article will highlight the different ways of how not to get busted in Vegas. 

Driving at high speed of over 35 mph can get you pinched in Vegas. You should check and reduce your speed when you hit New York. You should observe the traffic signs because turning from a wrong lane can attract a fine of $395. Using a cell phone while driving is a traffic offense in Vegas. Your driver’s license should be valid. In case you borrow a car, ensure that the insurance is up to date.

You should not carry glass containers while walking on the strip. Ensure that you also observe silence when walking down Fremont Street between 1100Hrs and 0700Hrs. Remember that hula hoops are also not allowed on that street. Although Vegas is a pleasant town for walking, you can be fined $160 if found jaywalking.

Vegas has beautiful parks and lakes. However, you should note that it is illegal to operate a boat while under the influence of alcohol. Children who are not over 14 years are not permitted to drive your boat. Driving over the recommended limit in a federal park can attract a federal offense. Disperse camping is allowed in Vegas. The most popular location for this camping is at the Spring Mountain.

Please understand that smoking marijuana in a hotel room is an offense. You can be charged not less than $2,000 if caught smoking. You can also be arrested if you are drunk and hostile in public. You should also not serve alcohol to anyone below 21 years. You can be charged a fine of $1000 and 7 months in jail for this offense.

Understand that you are also not allowed to drink alcohol within 1000 feet of a Church. To those who love gambling, it is a felony to cheat other players or the casino. When playing roulette, it is an offense to bet late. You can be fined $10000 or spend up to 6 years in jail. Betting rules in Vegas are stringent.

It is a felony to solicit a prostitute or a stripper in Vegas. The penalties range from $1000 and 7 months in jail. It is also illegal to indulge in sexual activities in strip clubs. The laws in Vegas also limits how patrons and dancers interact. It is essential to be in your best behavior when you are in a strip club.

Vegas has strict gun laws. Understand that you can only carry a weapon if you have the necessary permit. Nevada recognizes licenses from other states. You are not allowed to carry a gun in military bases, post offices, airports and hoover dams. Illegal hunting is an offense and you can be fined $1000.

There you have it, how to visit Vegas and not get in trouble with the law in the process. Enjoy your visit and good luck.

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