Vegas-Based Mike Golpa Can Give You a Hollywood Smile in 24 Hours

They say a smile is your best accessory. But how can you make sure you smile as often as you can?

Your teeth are one of the most important features of your face. A smile is often the first thing people notice about a person, so many people opt for dental surgery to improve the way they look. Is it vain to desire a Hollywood smile?

Why smiling is so important

Dr. Isha Gupta, a neurologist from IGEA Brain and Spine, claims that smiling triggers a chemical release in your brain. It still stands true, even if that smile is forced! Dopamine and serotonin, or “happiness hormones,” take effect in your body by actually elevating your mood.

On top of that, psychologists at Swansea University conducted an experiment in which people were supposed to judge other’s health by their pictures. Those who were smiling were deemed more healthy by the participants. They were found to look younger too, even if they were not wearing makeup.

So, a beautiful smile doesn’t only make you look more attractive. Your teeth can also make you appear healthier and feel happier. If you have the confidence to show them off, that is. So how can you make sure you smile often?

Consider dental implants

One way to make sure you are smiling as often as you can is by making sure you are happy with the way your smile looks. After all, they say it is your best accessory.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are permanent and non-removable superficial tooth roots. Perfect-looking fake teeth can be attached to give you a full, beautiful smile. They look completely natural and you can eat, brush, and talk as if they were natural teeth.

The process can be quite complicated, however. A dentist or an orthodontist has to drill into bone, screw the implants in, then attach teeth. After that, you’re good to go.

How long does implant placement take?

In most cases, it can take a couple of months to a year. Implant placement requires a lot of preparation, sometimes bone grafting (making bone thicker) which requires a long healing period.

If you were to go for the G4 by Golpa in Vegas, on the other hand, you could have a full set in just twenty-four hours!

How much does a full set of implants cost?

Dental implants can cost up to $28,000 for a full mouth. They are among the most expensive dental treatments. It’s important to remember, though, that they are the most permanent tooth INSERT ment option.

The prices for G4 by Golpa start at $13,750 with Medicare.

Try the G4 by Mike Golpa in Vegas

The G4 by Golpa is the quickest and most affordable solution if you want to INSERT your teeth with implants. Celebrities like The Sopranos star Joe Gannascoli have trusted Golpa’s team and praise the results.

The practice is located conveniently right here in Vegas. Schedule a consultation today!


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