Casinos Are Changing for the Better in Las Vegas

Casinos Are Changing for the Better in Las Vegas
Traditionally, casinos have always followed a tried and tested formula, with regards to design, layout and game content. So, most visitors will be familiar with casinos with little natural light, even fewer windows and no sign of any clocks. Furthermore, the floor would be filled with slot machines and table games; all strategically placed to confuse and slightly disorientate customers in an effort to get them to stay longer and ultimately squeeze a few more bets out of them.

However, these long held beliefs are being questioned, and finally INSERT d with new ideas to suit a more young, sophisticated and technology savvy target audience; who are all accustomed to more choice due to the dominance of the internet sites.

With regards to casino design, architects like the talented and innovative Roger Thomas have been able to introduce visitors to a Las Vegas where casinos like the Wynn Resort impress us all with natural light, huge skylights, grandiose clocks and regal decor. Even the floor plan has been deliberately changed to give the customer a sense of adventure, and less of trying to make the gaming experience one of confusion and loss.

Casino operators have recognised that in order to remain competitive, change is absolutely necessary; and no place more so than Las Vegas. Studies have shown that Las Vegas is attracting a more younger audience; who are not really that attracted to the traditional forms of gambling, consisting of slots machines and table games. In fact, on the whole, visitors who actually gamble in Vegas are on the decline; as 87% hit the slots and tables at Vegas in 2006, and this number has been falling year on year, with 71% gambling in 2014.

These figures are directly related to slot machines, as these games appeal to punters aged over 50, and now, most of the people coming to Las Vegas are all under the age of 50. The industry has tried to address this issue by progressive jackpots, bonus features and unlimited slot themes; in an attempt to lure back players. This has been successful, to a certain extent with online casinos; however, land based casinos have been a lot harder to address.

In this new age of millennials, passive games are not appealing; now, players are expecting interactive, skill based and technically advanced games. Therefore, there are already some operators who are expecting their Las Vegas casino floors to soon have a variety of skill based games, right next to the high stakes blackjack table.

As a result, we have already seen Nevada and New Jersey passing legislation which permit skill based games in casino establishments, and thus help encourage their younger audience to get more involved. One would expect these games could be a variation of Angry Birds or Call of Duty, to racing and shooting games; all of which can be single players up against the house, or players competing against each other in a tournament setting. Companies like Gamblit Gaming has already embraced the concept and specialise in creating skill based games like Lucky Words, BreakNeck and Into the Dead.

Therefore, it will not be long when Las Vegas evolves into something new and wonderful, which appeals to millennials that have been raised in an era of interactive games and digital media. So be prepared to see the casino floor organised into specialised themes to meet their customers individual gaming requirements; and thus make the entire gaming experience more complete and satisfying to all!

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