Dirk Arthur Takes Xtreme Magic to New Heights

Dirk Arthur tigerXtreme Magic Starring Dirk Arthur kicks it up a notch in its new evening timeslot.   He’s adding five enormous illusions, new music, updated choreography, costumes, set pieces and more. This intensified edition of Xtreme Magic Starring Dirk Arthur will begin amazing audiences Wednesday May 13, 2009 at 7 p.m. in the Tiffany Theater.

The expanded evening performance will feature all of the famed Xtreme Magic favorites while integrating a variety of never-before-seen and awe inspiring illusions. Guests will witness some of the largest magic tricks performed in Vegas as Dirk Arthur physically passes through another human being, makes a creature appear out of thin air and folds a beautiful woman into a small origami box.

“We really went over the top this time,” said producer Ari Levin. “We hired a Los Angeles choreographer, brought in fabulous new costumes, incorporated a variety of the hottest music and created some simply outrageous illusions.”

Xtreme Magic remains the only show on the Las Vegas strip to feature a variety of exotic cats including white striped tigers, black African leopards, a pure white snow tiger and an actual liger. The show touts the largest and rarest collection of performing cats in the world and showcases a minimum of nine animals per performance.

Arthur will continue catering to an earlier crowd Wednesday through Monday at 4:10 p.m. and will wow evening audiences with his latest edition at 7 p.m. Both offerings will be dark on Tuesdays. Tickets are available beginning at $25 plus tax and surcharge for the first performance and $35 plus tax and surcharge for the latter. Tickets and convenience packages are available now at the Tropicana Box Office, online at tropicanalv.com or by calling 702-739-2411.

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