DJ M!KEATTACK to Officially Launch Attack Fridays at Moon Nightclub March 9

Palms Casino Resort
resident DJ M!KEATTACK will be launching Attack Fridays at Moon Nightclub starting on Friday, March 9th. DJ M!KEATTACK will be DJiing every Friday in Moon with another guest DJ. 

The Fro. The smile. The larger than life presence and the jam-packed dancefoor are signs of being under the influence of DJ M!KEATTACK. Dubbed as the “Pied Piper of DJS”, The Las Vegas-based MC has proven himself as the leader with the strongest and most faithful following in the desert.

DJ M!KEATTACK has been a DJ for 9 years. He has a love for music that he shares with friends and people around the world.

His career started downtown Las Vegas at the Beauty Bar LV. It was the first hot spot in Vegas holding down the Indie scene to dance your hearts out every week. DJ M!KEATTACK has been a major influence in the Las Vegas Indie Electro scene, helping pave the way for indie hipsters and up and coming young new DJ’s.

He is a technical DJ with the unique ability to really manipulate music and do live remixing. With an attention to detail and knowledge of sound, and lighting, he strives to create uniqueness within all his events.  For more information on DJ M!KEATTACK, visit

Moon is the exclusive penthouse nightclub loaded with high-end finishes, VIP accommodations, premier entertainment and a spectacular view of the Las Vegas Strip. Moon occupies the top floor of the Palms’ Fantasy Tower, just above Nove Italiano, and is connected to the Playboy Club by glass and mirror-ensconced escalators. Upon entering Moon, guests automatically find themselves in a dramatic, surreal environment unlike any other in Las Vegas. The floor is covered with shimmering glass tiles that change color via a computerized lighting system as guests move about them, while a curtain of glass beads hang over the majestic floor-to-ceiling windows. The club’s main room features one of the most spectacular architectural features in Las Vegas—a massive retractable roof that when closed, serves as a large video screen, exhibiting giant images of the action on the dance floor. Comfortable booths line the perimeter of Moon’s main room. In the rear is the Satellite Bar featuring lounge-style furniture and electronic music, which accommodate guests seeking a sensual, laid-back experience.

Moon Nightclub is open Tuesdays and Thursday through Saturday from 11 p.m. – 4 a.m. For additional information, please visit or call 702.942.7000.

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