Master Illusionist Michael Turco Stars in Reality Series “Extreme Escapes”

Master Illusionist Michael Turco Stars in Reality Series “Extreme Escapes”
Magician – Illusionist Michael Turco has added Master Escape Artist to his title and will be showcasing death-defying stunts in the new reality series “Extreme Escapes” on REELZ

REELZ Network announced their new original reality series “Extreme Escapes” to their fall lineup, a series which Michael Turco and his team take on a new challenge each week.

“Extreme Escapes” premiers Saturday, November 29 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT.

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Each one-hour episode of “Extreme Escapes” brings the shock, wonder and danger of escapology to television. “Escapology is an element of the art of magic. And another challenge for myself as a magician and artist. I love being able to create new illusions and escapes either on stage or for Television,” says Turco.

Turco’s astonishing performances on “Extreme Escapes” challenges the law of physics. “There is a real danger to these escapes.” Turco explains. “Its thrilling to be a part of this series.”

Michael Turco will be featured throughout the 26-episode series. His unbelievable stunts will take him across the country from deserts to oceans. Even back to his hometown at the Jersey Shore where he attempts a mobster-style challenge. If he doesn’t escape Turco will be swimming with the fishes.

“I have the upmost respect and appreciation for “Extreme Escapes” producers Gay Blackstone and David Martin. I have had the opportunity to work with them on several projects and it is always a pleasure. As it’s working with the many other magicians and escape artists on the show. It’s a wonderful creative process.” says Turco

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