Outasight Rocks PURE Nightclub with Live Performance

Outasight at PURE Nightclub
PURE Nightclub welcomed rising star Richard Andrew, better known as Outasight, as he took over Vegas’ hottest industry night with a live performance (Photo credit: Tony Tran of Powers Imagery LLC)

Arriving to the mega-club after midnight he made his way to his VIP booth with his intimate entourage of three.

After 1 a.m. he took his place on the main stage, got on the mic and yelled, “What’s up Vegas? I want to see you all move tonight!” and the entire club screamed. The pop artist kicked off his incredible performance with his song “Stays The Same.” 

“Let me hear you PURE Nightclub! It’s Tuesday night, let’s party!” he shouted and continued his performance with his ever so popular single “Tonight Is The Night.” The energy of the nightclub was at an all-time high as the pop sensation danced around on the stage and had his fans singing along.

Concluding his performance, the overnight celebrity introduced his newest single “Now Or Never” and shouted to the audience, “Let me see everyone, fists up!” Outasight had the whole dance floor jumping and pumping their fists in the air.

The singer gave PURE clubgoers a performance they will never forget with his high energy, amazing vocals and chart-topping hits that made the whole nightclub want to dance. Outasight spent the rest of his evening drinking, dancing and meeting his admiring fans as they passed by.

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