Special Menu Preview: Lunar New Year at Hakkasan Las Vegas

Special Menu Preview: Lunar New Year at Hakkasan Las Vegas
Hakkasan Las Vegas, the elegant Chinese restaurant inside the MGM Grand on the famed Las Vegas Strip, has announced a new Lunar New Year menu at  ahead of the holiday on January 25. Lunar New Year is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world, and Hakkasan has created a thoughtful and creative menu for guests to ring in the Year of the Rat (Pictured: Maine Diver Scallops).

Throughout Chinese history, people have celebrated Lunar New Year with auspicious foods that are rich with symbolic meaning and are thought to attract good fortune in the coming year. In accordance with this longstanding tradition, Hakkasan will offer a prix-fixe menu that features lucky ingredients, with highlights like the following:

  • Yu sheng salad: a fish salad with cured Scottish salmon and plum sauce; the Chinese word for “fish” and “abundance” are homonyms, symbolizing a bountiful year ahead
  • Golden treasure pockets: fried dumplings with abalone and wild mushrooms; dumplings, which resemble ancient currency, and abalone, long a prized ingredient in Chinese culture, both signify wealth
  • Baked salt crusted chicken: a preparation of chicken that originated in the Ming dynasty; in Chinese, “chicken” is pronounced similarly to “luck”
  • Lucky jie: a dessert made with salted caramel ganache, chili and cocoa; the dessert resembles a lucky Chinese knot and incorporates mandarin, a fruit that represents gold and fortune

To further celebrate Lunar New Year, Hakkasan will also offer a unique cocktail specially developed for the holiday: Cheng Zi, which means orange in Chinese, combines two types of rum, mandarin and chocolate for a drink that is both delicious and festive.

The Lunar New Year menu will be available at Hakkasan from January 25 to February 8 for $98 per person. All items on the prix-fixe menu will also be available to order à la carte.

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