Station Casinos to Unveil All-New 8 Noodle Bar at Red Rock Resort December 2014

Station Casinos to Unveil All-New 8 Noodle Bar at Red Rock Resort December 2014
Station Casinos’
popular Summerlin luxury resort, Red Rock Resort will open the all-new 8 Noodle Bar this December, as part of the flagship property’s $35 million-plus reinvestment. 

The restaurant will showcase an authentic, approachable Asian fusion menu in an intimate atmosphere, while thoughtfully incorporating the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui in the design elements.

Led by Chef Andy Vu, 8 Noodle Bar will feature a menu with touches of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai cuisines. Dishes will be made in-house using fresh ingredients blended with authentic preparations, including thick, rich broths, and a special emphasis on noodle and rice bowls. The menu will also showcase specialty steamed buns, specialty fried rice, ramen noodles and more. Available for lunch and dinner, 8 Noodle Bar will offer an affordable menu, with speedy and convenient service for those guests on the go.

Originally hailing from Saigon, Vietnam, Chef Andy Vu has nearly 25 years of culinary experience, and has been working meticulously to help evolve and elevate the dining scene at Station Casinos since 1990. Vu has extensive experience in the preparation of a variety of Asian cuisines, as it has been his specialty throughout his many years as a chef.

8 Noodle Bar is an intimate space with seating for 41 guests, including 30 seats in the main dining space and 11 in the bar for those seeking a lively interactive culinary experience as dishes will be prepared and served right in front of them. Traditional Asian elements are represented with a modern twist throughout the restaurant, including an inviting and vibrant red façade and an intricate lattice screen. An exceptional display of suspended noodle bowls with calligraphy separates the space from the neighboring casino, creating an open environment. A single artwork piece featuring abstracted images of traditional noodle throwing techniques spans the 24-foot length of the bar, and custom furniture features dragons crawling across the back of banquettes among tables reminiscent of burnt wood.

Feng Shui

During the design process of this picturesque space, Station Casinos consulted with a Feng Shui expert to create harmony and balance in the restaurant. With this in mind, the following Feng Shui principles are present in the space:

  • 8 Noodle Bar’s color scheme is well-balanced; presenting a radiant red entrance that activates the wealth stars and is auspicious for money.
  • The location of the restaurant is on a fortunate site, also positive for success and relationships.
  • The neighboring gaming area emits fire energy and is positive for the success of the restaurant.
  • Located at the back of the restaurant, this space is equally supportive in the preparation of food and also fosters productive relationships among the restaurant team.
  • The dragon logos were designed with metal, as metal produces water, which is positive for wealth. The pearl in the dragon’s mouth represents the union of heaven and earth while the dragon holding the pearl in its claws symbolizes the dragon’s mastery over heaven and earth.

8 Noodle Bar joins three other newly opened restaurants at Red Rock Resort including Mercadito Mexican cuisine, The Wiener’s Circle and Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar by The Light Group. 8 Noodle Bar will be open daily, starting at 11 a.m. and will offer late-night dining as well. For more information about 8 Noodle Bar, visit

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