‘A Day to Remember’ to Perform at Fremont East Entertainment District June 29

The ability to evolve and push boundaries has never been more important than it is now. While the mainstream becomes safer, the dynamic, genre-bending acts are driven underground, to be discovered by a whole new generation of music fans not content with the identikit bands pushed at them through the major media. It is this hallowed place that A DAY TO REMEMBER has not so subtly been taking over, from stereos to mosh pits across the world. While the music industry scrambles to discover the next big thing, A DAY TO REMEMBER has been becoming it, showing that with the right amount of hard work, strong songs, an unfaltering self-belief, and that indefinable spark of something really special, anything is possible.

Rising from the punk rock hotbed of Florida in 2003, Josh Woodard (bass), Alex Shelnutt (drums), Neil Westfall (guitar), Jeremy McKinnon (vocals) and Tom Denney (guitar) formed A DAY TO REMEMBER, crafting a blend of the music they loved into a niche of their own. Their sound combined the punk-pop of BLINK-182 and NEW FOUND GLORY with brutal hardcore beatdowns, sending shudders through the underground. Their debut on Indianola records sold 8,000 copies with little promotion, and attracted the attention of Victory Records, who signed them in 2006. “When we first got signed, our goal wasn’t to blow up or even sell a ton of records,” recalls bassist Josh Woodard. “All we wanted to do was stay on tour, and play to as many kids as possible.” The result exceeded even their expectations, as the infectious explosive energy of their live shows helped them organically grow a fanbase that multiplied each time they played.

With the release of their breakthrough album For Those Who Have Heart, A DAY TO REMEMBER went global. In the two short years after its release in early 2007, the band grew from a small band with a dedicated local fan-base into a worldwide phenomenon, gaining the respect and adoration from their peers as much as their fans. This is no overnight success – the band has worked hard to win over every fan they make. But the ‘perfect storm’ of their dedication, rapidly spreading buzz and undeniable musical abilities has made this young band one of the most talked about bands in rock, gaining themselves a coveted slot in Alternative Press’ Most Anticipated Albums 2009 issue.

Selling out tours worldwide, their lyrics “Mark my words: we’re taking over the world” became a self-fulfilling prophecy, as the band hit the road with bands they grew up listening to like New Found Glory and Silverstein, and had a full summer on the Vans Warped Tour. Embraced by the media, A DAY TO REMEMBER made it on to “Ones To Watch” lists internationally, picking up a Kerrang! Award nomination for Best International Newcomer; the video for their rocked-up cover of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” unshakable from music television over summer 2008.

Their new album Homesick sees them using their ascension as a springboard, ready to launch them into the big time. Kicking off with powerful intro “The Downfall Of Us All”, Homesick grabs the hand of listeners, tearing full-throttle into an unforgettable ride through gang vocals, sing-a-long choruses and crushing breakdowns. From the anthemic “NJ Legion Iced Tea” to the epic, sprawling melodic hardcore of “Welcome To The Family”; from the title track punk-rock paean to life on the road, to the brutality of “You Already Know What You Are”. By the time passionate acoustic duet “If It Means A Lot To You” featuring Versa Emerge’s Sierra Kusterbeck rounds off 38 minutes of sheer intensity, listeners are left in a blissfully-exhausted heap, arms aloft, singing their hearts out till the last echoes fade. “Homesick is a culmination of 2 1/2 years of being on the road,” Woodard notes. “It represents what we’ve been through, what’s ahead of us, and the lessons we’ve learned in between. It’s the heaviest and catchiest record we’ve ever written, and we couldn’t be more excited for people to hear it. We’re all so proud of what we just made, and think it really sets us up to jump to that next level.”

In an industry where you have to evolve to stay ahead, A DAY TO REMEMBER is standing defiant, leading the genre-straddling pack in a battle cry, ready for the fight of their lives. Grab your friends, “disrespect your surroundings,” and watch A DAY TO REMEMBER set the world alight. The mainstream won’t know what hit it.

Event Info:

A Day To Remember, Saosin, Hit The Lights, InnerPartySystem, Breathe Carolina, Versa Emerge, I Am Ghost, The Seventh Plague, Ministry of Love
Doors at 2:00pm
Tickets available at www.ticketmaster.com
Tickets are $18 in advance, $18 on the day of show
All Ages, Bar with ID
500 E Fremont Street; Las Vegas

Fremont East Entertainment District is located in the heart of downtown; the Fremont East District sits adjacent to the popular tourist attraction, Fremont Street Experience. For more information, please visit: http://www.lasvegasnevada.gov/Government/7589.htm.

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