CREAM Launches Brunch-Inspired Ice Cream Flavor, Pink Peach Bellini

CREAM Launches Brunch-Inspired Ice Cream Flavor, Pink Peach Bellini
Renowned ice cream sandwich brand CREAM, which stands for “Cookies Rule Everything Around Me,” today launched an all-new seasonal flavor, Pink Peach Bellini, a fresh and sweet homage to the classic brunch cocktail. CREAM has two locations in Las Vegas: Henderson and Summerlin

Now available at CREAM locations nationwide, CREAM originally created the pink-hued, peach-flavored ice cream exclusively for CREAM’s partnership with Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco.


The fizzy, champagne-flavored (non-alcoholic) dessert, which incorporates bits of real peaches and peach nectar throughout, is the newest addition to CREAM’s ever-growing roster of more than 20 unique ice cream flavors. CREAM’s signature “build-your-own” approach allows guests to enjoy Pink Peach Bellini Ice Cream sandwiched between two freshly-baked Belgian waffles, warm cookies or with one of CREAM’s other inventive baked goods, such as brownies or do’sants.


Speaking of the newest offering, President and Co-Founder of CREAM, Gus Shamieh, says “Summer is a time for celebration, and the new Pink Peach Bellini flavor is CREAM’s way of toasting the season. The fresh peach nectar incorporated in the rich ice cream pairs perfectly with our warm waffles to create a sensational sweet treat our guests can celebrate all summer long.”

CREAM is widely recognized for its extensive list of ice cream creations, including the CREAM Taco, Ice Cream Sandwich Cookie Cake, and handcrafted ice cream sandwich combinations, made using its super-premium, proprietary flavored ice cream placed between freshly baked cookies and other confections like waffles, brownies or do’sants.

CREAM, or ‘Cookies Rule Everything Around Me,’ was founded in 2010 in Berkeley, Calif. by father-and-son co-founders Jimmy and Gus Shamieh to share family recipes. With 26 locations throughout California’s Bay Area, Southern California, Florida and Nevada, CREAM currently has 40 new stores under development. With franchise opportunities offered since 2012, CREAM is a rapidly growing franchise organization that demonstrates the ideal intersection of a family owned and professionally run business.


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