Double Helix Wine & Whiskey Lounge’s New Whiskey For Women Night is “Keepin’ It Classy”

Double Helix Wine & Whiskey Lounge's New Whiskey For Women Night is "Keepin' It Classy"
In line with the current explosion in whiskey interest among female tipplers, Double Helix Wine & Whiskey Lounge at Town Square is launching a new twist on ‘ladies night’ beginning Feb. 8. 

“Keepin’ It Classy,” taking place every Sunday from 8 p.m. to close, will offer a rotating selection of $4 whiskey cocktails, as well as feature the whiskey of the month, hosted by Bar Manager Jessica Fesler. The first featured whiskey cocktail will be a New York Sour with a red wine float.

With an impressive knowledge of the 100-label strong selection of whiskeys and other brown spirits, Fesler is excited to get fellow femmes further into the cask aged obsession. “I think sometimes women can be intimidated by brown spirits,” Fesler says, “but as more become exposed to whiskey and bourbon, the stereotype that it’s a ‘man’s drink’ fades and they want to learn about it.”

Fesler admits the direction of the night was inspired by how many female patrons are already requesting whiskey cocktails and neat whiskeys at Double Helix. “It’s been amazing, and I love turning ladies on to new spirits that expand on their favorites.”

$4 Champagne cocktails will also be served for those who prefer things just a little lighter, beginning with a classic Champagne and elderflower mixture.

Double Helix features more than 100 whiskey labels, including rare and highly sought after brands, such as Pappy van Winkle, Johnnie Walker Blue and Macallan 25-year. Guests can sample a variety of different whiskies with 14 designed flights. Visit for more information.

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