Hollywood Cars Museum by Jay Ohrberg at Hot Rod City, Las Vegas, Showcases Classic Film and TV Vehicles

Hollywood Cars Museum by Jay Ohrberg at Hot Rod City, Las Vegas, Showcases Classic Film and TV Vehicles
Hot Rod City Las Vegas
and Michael Dezer, owner of one of the world’s largest vehicle collections at The Miami Auto Museum, has announced the grand opening of the new Hollywood Cars Museum by Jay Ohrberg in Las Vegas

The recent partnering of Dezer, one of the world’s foremost car collectors, and legendary custom car builder Ohrberg has resulted in a 30,000 sq.-ft. (and still growing) museum housing vehicles that have appeared in more than 100 films, TV shows and videos.

The museum is now home to five James Bond vehicles including the Lotus Esprit Submarine Car driven by Roger Moore in the 1977 film, The Spy Who Loved Me, Batmobiles from both TV and film adaptations, Doc Hudson‘s Hornet from the animated Pixar film “Cars,“”Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” from the movie of the same name, the “Back to the Future” Delorean, the “Knight Rider” pursuit car (one of two in the world,) the bullet ridden car from the newest “Green Hornet” movie, “Herbie the Love Bug,”Bonnie and Clyde‘s” death car from the movie, and vehicles from the first film in the “Fast and Furious” series, including one that was driven by the late Paul Walker.

Visitors can also see cars from TV shows such as, “The A Team,” “Hardcastle and McCormick,” the Grand Torino from “Starsky and Hutch,” the coffin dragster from the “Munsters,” and the General Lee from “Dukes of Hazzard.” Ohrberg has also created tributes to three Flintstone cars including Fred’s family car, Fred’s sports car and Barney’s log car. There are also tributes to SpongeBob Squarepants, the Mater tow truck from the animated movie “Cars,” Bugs Bunny’s Rabbit Car and the Tasmanian Devil Car.

Other vehicles on display include the Alligator Car from “Death Race 200″ and the Pink Hudson Hornet from “Porky’s.” In all, the Hollywood Cars Museum by Jay Ohrberg houses more than 100 cars worth a total of several million dollars.

Wild masterpieces from beyond the realm of Hollywood and our imaginations include a bunk bed hot rod, the Red Baron, a piano car, surfbuggie car, and a 40 foot pink hot tub convertible limo, which was profiled on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

This year, Ohrberg will build a new record breaking limo from a late model Rolls Royce that will reach a length of 110 ft. This will break his former Guinness world record of a 100-ft. limo that held 72 people, had two motors, a pool and Jacuzzi, 26 wheels, and required two drivers (one in front and one in back). Unfortunately, this former record holding limo was damaged and destroyed while being shipped so Ohrberg has decided to create a new one.

Visitors will have the opportunity to actually see this new limo being built, along with other creations in Ohrber’s glass enclosed workshop, located on the premises.

In addition to creating some of the most famous and spectacular vehicles for the small and large screens, Jay Ohrberg has earned the title “The King of Show Cars” for his abilities as an experimental builder and imaginative designer of specialty show cars. He is also a preeminent collector of the cars that inspired him in his career.

His collection features some of the most recognizable and unique cars used in the entertainment industry. In addition to designing and building the vehicles featured in Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns,””Knight Rider” and “Back to the Future,” his many creations include “Robocop” cars, and TV commercial cars such as Taco Bell. Ohrberg’s vehicles have been displayed in more than thirty countries around the world.

Coverage of Hollywood Jay’s remarkable career include the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, seven guest appearances on the “Lifestyles of the Rich”and “Famous,” and many appearances on the “Super Dave TV Show.” He has been featured on PM Magazine, “Entertainment Tonight,” “Superchargers,” andWild About Wheels.”

Ohrberg has also worked as a Hollywood stuntman, been a member of the Screen Actors Guild, appeared in four episodes of “Knight Rider,” and has been a race car driver and race car technical advisor.

“Throughout my career as a car builder and collector, I have always wanted to create a museum to showcase my work,” Ohrberg says. “So to be involved with Michael Dezer on this extraordinary venture is a dream come true. I’m excited not only to share with the public the vehicles I created in the past, but also about having a dedicated space to engage on a daily basis my lifelong passion of building custom cars.”

Hollywood Cars Museum
Open 7 days a week
5115 Dean Martin Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89118
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