How to Get Well in Las Vegas

A Trip Report by David Morgan:
Tips for recovery in Las Vegas is a summary of how to enjoy the city in an economical and fun way. It was our 4th trip to Las Vegas, and I think I can tell you now that I know the city well. I took our 5 days there to take a walk around, to find out places that I didn’t know, to eat well and watch the Le Reve show. In this post I’ll share with you the amazing tips I learned on this trip (mixed with a little of what I saw and live on other visits), a good summary for those who go to the city for the first time. Should we leave? Vegas isn’t always about casinos. To just play casino games you can play in a real online casino. But Vegas offers something else; luxury wrapped in modernity.

Cheap Accommodation in Las Vegas

On this last trip I decided to stay healthy without spending a lot and without providing comfort and location. I’ve lived in Bellagio and Encore and love them both, what I want to know is if you can afford to live in Las Vegas for half the price and wonder? Yes you do!

My choice: MGM Grand

We stayed at the MGM Grand, the biggest hotel in town and great value for money. MGM has large and spacious rooms, a nice swimming pool complex, many choices of restaurants and some cool attractions such as the Cirque Du Soleil Ka show, UFC fights, the famous Hakkasan ballad and is connected to the Las Vegas Monorail line. Even for us traveling with babies this is a good choice.

And the cool detail: We took promotions and found rooms with prices better than New York and Paris!

Other hotel options that I will consider:

The LINQ: One of the newest hotels on the Strip, The LINQ has an amazing entertainment center full of funky shops, bars and restaurants. Top location and incredible value for money. In addition, the hotel has access to the Las Vegas Monorail.

Flamingo: Flamingo is in front of The LINQ and therefore has equal access to complex, entertainment and transportation. Flamingo also has a garden covered with exotic birds. Great choice and less popular than The LINQ.

Monte Carlo: The value of money is very good and very well-connected. Cool for those who want something less funky. The hotel has a free tram line that connects you to Bellagio and Aria. Very comfortable!

Want something cheaper?

And for those who want a cheaper hotel, Mandarin Oriental, Wynn, Bellagio and Aria are very good choices.

Cheap flights to Las Vegas

Tickets between San Francisco (or Oakland – make sure to choose this option!) Usually very cheap, and booking in advance gives you a ticket for $ 60 dollars. Two high-priced airlines that make this route are Spirit (flying from Oakland) and Frontier (flying from SFO). We have flown Spirit twice and this time we flew from Frontier and that was great too.

Transportation in Las Vegas

Until a year ago I would say: rent a car without thinking twice. This time I changed my mind, car rental is still feasible to go to the Outlet, and to do an extraordinary tour in the Las Vegas area, but to ride inside the city, I would not recommend it!

Traffic on the Strip is hell and hotels now charge for parking. Which means that with every change of hotel you will spend $10. To ride in Vegas and save time, money and not have the headache parking tip is to use the Bellagio Tram line for free and abuse Uber and Lyft which work very well in the city and are cheap!

There are still many other things that need to be done to cut costs in Vegas, but whatever has been mentioned above is a description of how you can save your money in this city.

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