Performances of “Death is a Drag,” “House of Tomorrow,” “First Date” and “The Rat Pack Lounge” to be presented at Super Summer Theatre’s Studios

Performances of “Death is a Drag,” “House of Tomorrow,” “First Date” and “The Rat Pack Lounge” to be presented at Super Summer Theatre’s Studios
The Super Summer Theatre announces the fall/winter season In City Series from October 2019 through March 2020. Held at Super Summer Theatre Studios, the season kicks off with “Death is a Drag,” beginning Thursday, Oct. 17 (Pictured: Death is a Drag)

Experience the intimate thrust style theatre, boasting productions with the same flair and talent held during the summer season. Tickets for the In City Series are $20 for general admission. The lobby opens at 6 p.m. with seating at 6:30 p.m. Show time is 7 p.m. The studio is located at 4340 S. Valley View, Suite 208 Las Vegas, NV 89103.

For more information, call 702.579.PLAY (7529), visit or e-mail For the latest show updates, follow Super Summer Theatre on Facebook, Instagram @supersummertheatre and Twitter.

The 2019 – 2020 In City Series lineup:

Thursday, October 17 – Sunday, November 3: Death is a Drag  

Presented by Super Summer Theatre and Dime a Dozen Productions

“Death is a Drag” at Super Summer Theatre’s Studios

“Death is a Drag” at Super Summer Theatre’s Studios

Come meet the zany family and friends as they try to say goodbye to “Sharon DeWealth,” a true legend in his/her own mind and still won’t go quietly. Feel the fabulousness for yourself. Audience is encouraged to dress in costume.

“Death is a Drag” at Super Summer Theatre’s Studios

“Death is a Drag” at Super Summer Theatre’s Studios

Bert Anderson and Dolly Coulter (creators of Dime A Dozen Productions) are also SST alumnus. They were last seen at the ranch in “Oliver,” “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “The Wiz” and “Smokey Joes Café.” This (other) dynamic duo has also written and composed a children’s radio show, “Bixby’s Tales,” “Back Up The Legendary Musical” (a behind the scenes view from the back-up singers and dancers to a Hollywood big star. Their current work “Art Versus Life” is a dramatic musical about Degenerate Artists (as Hitler called them) in 1930s Bohemian Berlin. How they created marvelous works of art in the midst of such chaos and oppression.

Thursday, December 5 – Sunday, December 15: House of Tomorrow   

Presented by Super Summer Theatre and Speeding Theatre

House of Tomorrow weaves together humorous, yet poignant, stories about seniors taking strength from their yesterdays, pursuing the passions of their tomorrows, opening the doors and windows of their lives (AKA their houses) to remodeling and keeping their dreams big and their hopes high.

You’ll meet seniors navigating the uncharted waters of online dating, trying in vain to order a refill from a mail order pharmacy, responding to adult children concerned about driving safety, experiencing the stresses of forced downsizing and see how  one senior’s view of a weekend together differs hilariously from her daughter’s take on it—as  well as other fun stories about seniors undaunted by the challenges life keeps throwing at them!

Thursday, January 30 – Sunday, February 16: First Date   

Presented by Super Summer Theatre and Hynes-Sight Entertainment

When blind date newbie Aaron is set up with serial-dater Casey, a casual drink at a busy New York restaurant turns into a hilarious high-stakes dinner. As the date unfolds in real time, the couple quickly finds that they are not alone on this unpredictable evening. In a delightful and unexpected twist, Casey and Aaron’s inner critics take on a life of their own when other restaurant patrons transform into supportive best friends, manipulative exes and protective parents, who sing and dance them through ice-breakers, appetizers and potential conversational land mines. Can this couple turn what could be a dating disaster into something special before the check arrives?

Thursday, March 5 – Sunday, March 22: The Rat Pack Lounge 

Presented by Super Summer Theatre and RearView Vegas Productions

Frank, Dean, and Sammy are up in heaven, but God tells them they left some unfinished business back on Earth. It seems Frank made an unfulfilled promise to Vic, the owner of the Rat Pack Lounge. Now he and the boys have one night to make things right. No need for look-alikes or impersonators—just a cast who can charm your audience with hits like “My Way,” “What Kind of Fool Am I?” and “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime.” With more than 30 hit songs, “The Rat Pack Lounge” will leave you singing and savoring the days of highballs and high rollers.

Super Summer Theatre is a non-profit organization with the mission to promote the use of Nevada State Parks by providing quality, family-oriented and reasonably priced cultural entertainment to the community, including theatrical arts educational opportunities. The outdoor theatre is at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park and indoor theatre is located at the ViewPoint Center located at 4340 S Valley View Blvd.

The season now runs year round June through September at the Bowman Outdoor Pavilion located at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park and November through March in the SST Studios for the Performing Arts located at 4340 S Valley View Blvd in Las Vegas.

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