Smith’s Launches Fuel Savings up to $1 per Gallon

Smith’s Food & Drug Stores today announced its new rewards fuel program that will save customers up to $1 per gallon when they drive up to any Smith’s fuel center or participating Shell stations in Las Vegas, Mesquite and Pahrump. Shell is the no. 1 selling gasoline brand in the U.S.

Now each dollar spent will earn one point when using a rewards card at Smith’s. Fifty additional points are earned through prescription purchases. Each 100 rewards points earned may now be redeemed as a savings of 10 cents per gallon at the pump up to $1 per gallon (maximum 35 gallons). Any rewards points not used toward fuel savings will be converted to a personalized rewards check mailed along with valuable coupons to loyal Smith’s customers each quarter.

“Every purchase inside Smith’s stores accumulates to an even greater fuel savings for our customers,” said Kenny Kimball, Smith’s group vice president sales and merchandising. “And saving up to $1 per gallon at either Smith’s or participating Shell stations adds additional convenience.”

The new fuel program brings enhancements to Smith’s rewards card program. Customers now choose whether to “cash in” their rewards points and save at the pump today, or hold onto rewards points and save later through their personalized gold envelope rewards mailing each quarter.

As an incentive, any Smith’s customer using a rewards card for any single purchase made from April 13-19 will be automatically credited with 200 extra points, which may be redeemed as 20 cents per gallon in fuel savings or saved toward their quarterly rewards mailing. Customers may visit their “My Smith’s” page at to check their total rewards point status at any time. Original Fresh Values cards will not be honored in fuel programs and must be converted to a rewards card to receive fuel and point certificate benefits. Rewards card questions may be directed to 1-800-576-4377.

“We are excited to be teaming up with Smith’s to help fill customers’ tanks for less,” said Dan Little, North America fuels marketing manager for Shell Oil Products U.S. “With Smith’s stores throughout the Las Vegas area and conveniently located participating Shell stations nearby, it’s never been easier for customers to save on high-quality Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines.”

Customers may redeem their rewards points at participating Shell stations by using their Smith’s rewards card at the pump, manually entering their card number or entering their alternate ID, which will initiate the fuel savings. Customers with questions about the fuel rewards program can call Smith’s Customer Service at 1-800-576-4377, or contact Shell Customer Service at 1-888-GO-SHELL for details and participating Shell locations. For additional information, please visit or

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