5 Things to Do if You are Injured in a Las Vegas Hotel

5 Things to Do if You are Injured in a Las Vegas Hotel
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Las Vegas hotels are known worldwide for their casinos, lavish buffets and world-class entertainment. It’s no surprise that in 2019 about 42 million people visited Sin City. Hotels offer visitors a unique taste of entertainment, fine dining and a lifestyle that only Las Vegas has to offer. Visitors can stay at one of the 150,259 hotel rooms in the city.

These major hotel chains and corporations have high standards of care in place for the safety and comfort of their guests. But even with these strict standards, sometimes negligent actions could cause an accident.

Suffering an accident at a hotel that results in injuries can be overwhelming, medical bills can accumulate and the initial shock could make it hard to decide what to do next. If you are involved in an accident at a Las Vegas hotel, these are some of the actions you should take after the incident.

Seek Medical Attention

It’s important to seek medical attention after any type of accident resulting in injuries, not only to treat your injuries but receiving medical care will also help with your personal injury claim. Postponing medical attention could give insurance adjusters a reason to lower your settlement amount or reject it. An insurance adjuster could argue that your injuries were not serious enough to receive medical care immediately. Avoid jeopardizing your claim and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Report the Accident to the Hotel

Inform a supervisor or manager at the hotel about your injury and how it happened. Maybe a slippery pool area with no caution signs caused your injury, informing management about your accident can prevent other guests from injuring themselves and creates a report that links the hotel’s negligent actions as the cause of your accident. When you speak to management make sure you write the name and title of the person you reported the accident to, time of the report, and their contact information. Ask them who you can contact for updates on how your accident report is being handled.

Ask for Legal Advice After the Accident

Speaking with a Las Vegas personal injury attorney after an accident can help you secure compensation. An attorney can help you recover all the evidence needed for your claim, negotiate with the insurance companies and the hotel, and take your case to court if this is needed. An experienced legal team will be able to determine the at-fault party and hold them accountable for your accident. Going after a major Las Vegas hotel on your own can be overwhelming, their legal teams will do everything they can to reduce or deny your claim, an experienced injury lawyer knows how to fight against major companies and hold them responsible for their negligence. Fight for maximum compensation and seek legal representation as early as possible.

Don’t Negotiate With the Insurance Company on Your Own

After the accident it’s likely that the hotel’s insurance company will contact you and offer a settlement. Think twice before accepting this settlement amount, you want to make sure that it will fully cover the damages related to your injury, this includes medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and others. Speak with your attorney before accepting the insurance company’s offer, your legal team will handle negotiations and make sure that you are awarded the compensation that you deserve.

Talk to Witnesses and Collect Evidence

Try to collect all the evidence you can, take pictures and videos of the scene of the accident, record what caused your accident, and your injuries. If there were witnesses write down their name and contact information. Make sure you keep all your medical bills and records to support your claim. If possible, ask the hotel for a copy of the accident report. Make sure to keep and show your lawyer any evidence you think may help with your case.

If you suffered an accident at a Las Vegas hotel or any other type of business and you believe their negligence caused the accident, seek medical care and legal presentation immediately. A legal team will be able to determine if you have a valid claim. Holding the responsible parties accountable can guarantee you get compensation to cover for your medical expenses and more.

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