Celebrate Earth Day at Downtown Summerlin

Earth Day is April 22 and at Downtown Summerlin, located in Summerlin, visitors are invited to express gratitude to Mother Earth.

Earth Day is April 22 and at Downtown Summerlin visitors are invited to express gratitude to Mother Earth.

Downtown Summerlin will encourage visitors to participate in an “act of love for the Earth” by posting their pledges on an oversized Instagram-worthy globe mural near H&M.

Whatever you promise the Earth- from recycling more to reducing your carbon footprint — you can put it on a Post-it for everyone to see. The display will be up until month’s-end.

It will be a pollinator garden filled with plants that attract monarch butterflies, providing them a much-needed resting place on their long migrations to and from Southern California.

The Downtown Summerlin pollinator garden will include a caterpillar video series connected to a virtual fundraiser for Green Our Plant, an organization that teaches students to love and care for the planet through comprehensive STEM school garden and hydroponics programs throughout Southern Nevada and the U.S.

Check out Summerlin.com for more details on this new activation and how you can support it.

Downtown Summerlin will pay tribute during April to the lives of five local cyclists who lost their lives in a tragic accident on Dec. 10.

The property will have five “ghost bikes” on display throughout the Dining Arroyo to memorialize the victims and help bring awareness to the importance of cycling safety.

The display, which will include reminders and tips on sharing the road for both motorists and cyclists, will run throughout the month of April.

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