Honor Society Emphasizes the Use of Remote Connection, Now More Than Ever

Honor Society Emphasizes the Use of Remote Connection, Now More Than Ever
Honor Society is committed to helping the communities of members, and the world at large.

As one looks around at the world–what was once known, what is now known, and what is not yet known–it is safe to say that these are unprecedented times. The ability to lead depends on ensuring the community remains safe, healthy and thriving, while also ensuring the health of an organization.

Honor Society wants to ensure that members have every tool available to them to come out stronger than ever before. This organization understands the importance of containing the spread of this virus. To help support people through this time, Honor Society will provide productivity-driven content in the coming weeks so that members are able to stay at the top of their long-term growth and development.

Honor Society is very well equipped for the modern world, as the organization has a multitude of members who are connected remotely and are able to glean the same benefits as always. This includes online tools like Vault.com, which provides in-depth intelligence on what it’s really like to work in an industry. Members also have access to BenefitHub, which houses a number of different deals that help students and professionals save.

In addition to providing benefits as usual, the Honor Society Foundation, the non-profit 501(c)(3), will be awarding their Spring 2020 scholarships as planned due to the organization’s ability to operate remotely. Now more than ever, Honor Society encourages members, as well as the general public, to come together. If there are any additional ways Honor Society can support the community, reaching out is encouraged. Honor Society’s final wish is for members, their families, and the community to remain healthy.

About HonorSociety.org: 
Honor Society is a leading honor society with active members in all 50 states, and is represented with chapters at hundreds of universities across the country. The Honor Society community emphasizes leadership and is a platform to showcase member talents. The society offers exclusive benefits to its members and alumni, ranging from discounts and job search tools to essential networking and service opportunities.

For more general information, please visit www.honorsociety.org or follow HonorSociety.org on Twitter and Facebook.

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