The 5 Mobile Apps You Need for a Great Holiday in Kenya

The 5 Mobile Apps You Need for a Great Holiday in Kenya
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When you imagine breathtaking beaches, beautiful safaris, national reserves, and kind, warm-hearted people, you are thinking about Kenya. This East African country, officially referred to as the Republic of Kenya, is home to over 47.5 million natives, whose official language is Swahili. It is widely known for its unique landscape, white sand beaches, and Big 5 game reserves such as the Masai Mara National Park and Lake Nakuru National Park. 

In this article, James Gatheru, the safari director for the Nairobi-based, shares the 5 best mobile apps that you should download to make your trip to Kenya more enjoyable and convenient. Let us start the countdown. 

  1. Google Translate

The biggest problem tourists face when traveling to a new country is the language barrier. For example, the national language of Kenya is Swahili, but most people from Asia, Australia, America, and Europe do not speak this language. That is where Google translate comes in handy. 

The apps functions as both a translator as well as a language learning tool that will improve your knowledge of Swahili or any other language. For example, it can help you look up the meaning of different Swahili words, how to spell, and the proper pronunciation of words. 

Google Translate also comes with an instant camera translation feature that allows you to translate Swahili and other languages by pointing your camera at an image. Even more impressive, Google translate supports multiple languages including Hindi to English translation, Spanish translation, German Translation, French translation, and more. 

Another amazing feature of Google Translate is its phrasebook that consistently builds each time you translate a word or phrase. The phrasebook keeps a record of some of the words you often translate or commonly lookup, allowing you to study and master the words much faster. 

This app works both online and offline, which is one of the reasons it is the perfect travel companion. Its offline function allows you to translate in the same way you would online, without worrying about the app failing due to weak or lack of internet connection.

Overall, Google Translate is a modern language translation app, convenient, and designed for users of all ages. The app is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store, and is highly recommended by previous users. Personally, I am using it to learn and translate Tagalog to English and I have nothing but praise for its innovative features and ease of use. 

It is the ideal language-translation tool for anyone who aims to visit Kenya. Download it today for quick and easy translations. 

  1. Airbnb for a Great Place to Stay

Another must-have app for your trip to Kenya is the Airbnb. This app has a simple and easy to use interface and is packed with information on various nuances of planning a holiday in Kenya

For example, you can use it to book local travel experiences or even a place to stay such as vacation rentals. It is also applauded by users because it helps them to search for last-minute accommodations and save money. 

Ideally, this app should be used online for the best results, but it has an offline feature that can be utilized without the internet. Airbnb is available for both Apple and Android devices and is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store. It is free and highly recommended by tourists, business travelers, and most of its previous users. 

  1. World Currency Conversion Calculator for Converting your Money to Kenyan Shillings 

Next on our list of apps is this currency convertor which is one of the highly-rated apps on the Google Play Store. It is packed with a melange of modern features that will make converting your currency to the Kenyan shilling very easy. It is also great for offline use.  

This World Currency Conversion Calculator automatically detects your location and adjusts the currency pairs to match the currency used in that location. For example, if you are from India and currently on a wildlife safari in Kenya, the app will set the default currency pair as Indian Rupee to Kenya Shillings. 

Image by Chefchen from Pixabay

It updates the exchange rates in real-time so that you always have accurate and up to date information. You can manually adjust this feature to currency pairs of your choice if you need to. 

  1. Google Maps for Travelling through Kenya  

Next on our list is the Google Maps app, a digital navigation tool that is perfect for your Kenyan holiday. In every aspect, Google Maps is a hub for innovative features that will help you resolve any difficulty you may encounter when traveling. 

It features a route preview feature that allows the user to get step by step directions, so you know exactly where to go. It also gives you traffic updates that help you to figure out the best route and types of transportation to take.

Lastly, the Google Maps app gives you accurate locations of the destinations and the contact number and address of wherever you are visiting. This allows you to plan your trip so that you can make the most of it. 

We recommend Google Maps because it is versatile and accurate, and contains many useful features that will make traveling through Kenya easier. Google Maps is completely free for download and is available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. 

  1. The Magical Kenya App for the Ultimate Safari Experience

Last on our list is this highly detailed and thorough app that is designed to help you make the best of your time in Kenya. This app acts as a virtual tour guide, giving ideas on where to visit, and different adventures at each location.

It works along with the location feature on your phone or tablet, to connect you to nearby local facilities including local hotels and restaurants. You even have the option of creating a souvenir video of a collection of your Kenyan experiences and then sharing it on social media. 

This app is great for anyone planning to explore Kenya on their own and want to have the best Travel experience. 

We know that traveling to a new country can be a daunting task, but these 5 mobile apps are sure to help you with any circumstance that may arise. We hope that this article has been helpful. Visit and start planning your African safari trip to Kenya. 

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