Your Business Reopening Plans Need To Be Flexible

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In light of the news that Nevada approved the Clark County easing of capacity limits and social distancing requirements, businesses and casinos are ecstatic with the easing. 

While there is still a mask mandate in place, especially for indoor activity, expanding capacity limits and loosening social distance requirements will be a boon for the casino, hotel, restaurant, and retail industries across Clark County. 

The news shouldn’t come as a surprise as across the country, more and more people are getting vaccinated, hospital case rates are declining, and some of the mitigation efforts we’ve all employed over the past year appear to be helping contain the virus. 

While that easing is excellent news for businesses and employees alike, some customers could not be 100 percent ready for a complete reboot. The past year-plus has seen an enormous uptick in anxiety and stress across all ages and genders. 

Challenges Moving Forward

In fact, according to Psychiatric Times, there has been a tremendous amount of stress related to the uncertainty of the pandemic, isolation, and loss of regular social interactions, job loss, and more. 

These mental health challenges will require some time and attention to correct, and innovative businesses will reopen with a dual plan to benefit all their potential customers. 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is typically seen in service members or others who witness an event that they psychologically can’t process in a way that doesn’t evoke anxiety, stress, or other issues. It is from trauma that deeply rooted issues attach themselves to the brain. 

Often some activities may lead to sudden flashbacks of the source of trauma, but not always. The trauma has attached itself to the brain, and there may be unrelated causes of acute reactions, so it’s essential to be patient and have options to help mitigate the sources of trauma for the sufferer.

On the one hand, businesses should open as much as possible and follow the local, state, and federal health protocols to ensure a safe environment for guests, employees, and everyone involved at their locations. 

On the other hand, by creating an alternative plan to help those guests that are reintegrating themselves but aren’t 100 percent sure how safe they feel.

It’s also wise to make a safe place for those who may be experiencing some level of anxiety or PTSD from the pandemic.

It’d be wise to plan to continue outdoor options as much as possible. 

Create Multiple Solutions For Your Customers

In that instance, finding the correct type of outdoor canopies and covers to allow your businesses to operate outdoors is an excellent first step. 

By providing covers and pop-ups, you can quickly put up, move, and break down, such as those designed by Instent, a company that specializes in custom-built tents and sign-age, is crucial. 

A quality designed canopy or tent will allow you to offer more outdoor options for guests and employees that aren’t entirely secure in a rush back to normal.

And those businesses that can offer multiple experiences for their guests are the ones that will build better brand loyalty as people ease back into the old way of doing things. 

As more and more of society is walking back to a normal pre-pandemic semblance, there is an underreported crisis of mental health occurring. 

Many people have reported being stressed, anxious, unsure about how they want to reintegrate into society, and it’s over time that things will become easier for those people. 

In the meantime, as a business, it’d be wise to consider your reopening plans to accommodate those individuals as much as possible. 

The reopening is an opportunity to build better brand awareness and loyalty by offering a little bit to everyone, regardless of comfort levels. 

Businesses are in a unique situation to assist with a “healing” of sorts in society by creating opportunities for all patrons to feel more comfortable. 

Your business can be accommodating by offering outdoor options, delivery directly from you or through a third party, and opening up indoors following health guidelines. 

It’s those businesses that open smartly and offer multiple options for customers that will thrive in the coming months, so structure your reopening plans to have various options for your customers. 

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