Third United Football League Season to Kick Off in August of 2011 as Teams Prepare to Play a 10-Game Season

The United Football League will kick off its third season in 2011 earlier than in previous years by hosting opening games on August 5, 6 and 7.

UFL Commissioner Michael Huyghue explained at the Championship Game Media Day in Omaha, NE, that the league’s teams will each play a ten-game season, increasing the number from the eight played in 2010.

“The intent is to begin play before the National Football League season begins, and to start incorporating Sundays into our football schedule,” explained Commissioner Huyghue.

“As the NFL preseason kicks in, most of their games are on Friday and Saturday, but their games at that time don’t count, and our games do. From a fan’s standpoint, you’re going to see a more competitive football game on Sundays during the NFL preseason in our games, than you would in the National Football League.

“There has been more and more talk about the dissatisfaction with the NFL’s preseason – the games don’t count and the stars typically don’t play.”

The 2011 UFL season will feature 10 games per team within a 12-week season, incorporating a bye week and the Championship Game.

The Florida Tuskers, Hartford Colonials, Las Vegas Locos, Omaha Nighthawks and Sacramento Mountain Lions will be joined by the expansion team Virginia Destroyers in 2011. The UFL also continues to evaluate markets suitable to host seventh and eighth future expansion teams.

“We’ve learned from this league that playing during the traditional football season is when fans are excited about watching good football,” added Commissioner Huyghue. “We think we can provide a superior entertainment value on Sundays, versus anything else that would be on during the NFL preseason.

“I think we understand that the NFL’s there, it will always be king of the hill. I think we can carve our own niche as well. Sundays during the preseason, when the NFL typically doesn’t play is a perfect opportunity.”

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