Beat The Casino With Proven Betting Systems From SBOTOP Magazine

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Most punters play casino games mainly with three objectives: Punters play for fun, play to beat other players, and play to beat the bookie. Playing against other players and playing to win the bookie involve a financial incentive. Punters have access to several casino games such as poker, baccarat, blackjack or 21, keno, and other slot games, which are part of a casino’s offerings. Beating the casino is not impossible, but it’s hard to do and comes with a set of disadvantages. More often than not, a punter that can beat the casino consistently will lose the casino. So a casino may bar or ban a player after a certain number of wins from participating in gambling activities. Other betting establishments may not accept hedged wagers or multiple hedged bets. Punters need to adopt different betting systems when making wagers in-person versus making wagers online. Moreover, punters can learn to beat the casino with proven betting strategies from SBOTOP Magazine.

Casino Strategies 

Some of the casino strategies punters can adopt to gain an advantage include card counting, adopting betting strategies within betting systems, replicating and modifying successful betting systems, and understanding the return to player or RTP for each game. 

Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis is a trader and a punter’s best asset for evaluating the best bet to make. Statistical analysis involves analyzing various components that can impact a casino match, wager, or game. In casino games, the number of players, the type of game, the betting market, the number of pay lines, bonuses, the odds, and more. Statistical analysis works better for card games, slot games, sports betting, and casino games. However, depending on the type of wager or game, a punter may choose a different way to analyze different outcomes. Risk management and analysis are also a part of statistical analysis and enable a punter to make effective wager sizes without losing all their funds too soon. 

Card Counting

Card counting is an effective strategy that punters use when playing card games such as blackjack or poker. The idea behind card counting is keeping track of the cards issued over past rounds and the current round to predict the next card, which could be a high face value card (King, Jack, Queen, 10, etc.) or a low face value card (2, 3, 4). Card counting can be an effective betting strategy, but it is hard to do, takes time, and could result in a ban when playing at land-based casinos. Punters good at math and statistical analysis can become better card counters to gain an edge against other gamblers who cannot count cards. 

Adopting Betting Strategies

Adopting betting strategies gives a punter a sense of direction and an objective to work towards when making a wager. Punters making a wager without adopting an effective betting strategy will not know which wager to make when to make the wager, how much to bet in terms of the bet size, when to exit a chance and when to step away from making wagers altogether. Some betting strategies punters can adopt wagers on different betting markets within games such as odd or even or color in roulette. 

Replicating Successful Systems

Punters that cannot formulate betting systems or strategies tend to follow other successful strategies used by other professionals or strategists. The advantage of using another successful betting system is a punter saves on time, resources, and having to formulate a successful plan. However, some betting systems may not suit a punter’s risk preference or a punter’s bankroll. Some examples of successful betting systems include the Paroli betting system, the Martingale betting system, the Kelly Criterion, the split Martingale system, the Labouchere betting system, Oscar’s Grind, and the Fibonacci betting system. 

RTPs On Slot Games

RTP’s on slot games refer to the return to the player from a particular game. A punter’s RTP may not be accurate if a punter plays a few rounds or games. However, the RTP becomes more precise and reliable the higher the number of wagers a punter makes. Different slot games have other RTP’s depending on the level of difficulty of the game, the game’s payout, the number of participants, the bet type made, and other factors. A punter can play a slot game with RTPs as high as 99% and as low as 70%. The higher the return to the player, the less amount a player wins compared to a game with a low RTP.

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