Quarantine Love: Las Vegas Strip Performer Ben Harris and Wife Release New Song “Stuck” that Inspires Couples to Reconnect, Support Each Other During Shutdown

Quarantine Love: Las Vegas Strip Performer Ben Harris and Wife Release New Song “Stuck” that Inspires Couples to Reconnect, Support Each Other During Shutdown

Notable Las Vegas Strip Performer Ben Harris, resident DJ for the Terry Fator Show, and wife Natalia have turned to making music during the coronavirus shutdown. The couple recently wrote and released their first song together “Stuck,” a catchy love song that gives listener’s a glimpse inside of the popular couple’s relationship during the shutdown and how they are leaning on each other now more than ever.

“Something that should have been so stressful is actually making our love stronger in a new way. Being stuck together at home has brought us closer as a couple,” said Ben Harris. “The lyrics of the song are meant to give people a positive outlook on the stressful situation we are all going through at this time.”

Ben Harris – Stuck ft. Natalia Harris (Official Video)

Quality Time

Like most Nevadans, all non-essential business and work came to halt on March 17, causing Natalia – who owns and operates Glam Parlor, an upscale eyelash and brow boutique in Henderson – to temporarily close. “It was such devastating news,” said Natalia Harris. “It was crazy to work so hard to build something just to have it shut down. I understood why it was happening, but it was still something that was very hard to accept.” 

Ben Harris, who was used to performing four nights a week on the Las Vegas strip with the Terry Fator Show, also found himself temporarily out of work and with some extra time on his hands. He was already working on original music and thought it would be fun to have Natalia play around on the microphone and test out his new studio equipment. What started out as a light-hearted session, he said it ended up being a way for the couple to spend quality time together – and Natalia’s first ever feature. 

“At first, I wanted to just use her voice to test out some new features,” he said. “But after listening, the words just started coming to me and I knew this had to be a collaboration. She killed it.” 

For Natalia, the song-writing and recording process was also a lesson in trust.

“Singing is something I never thought I would do in a million years. He’s a talented songwriter. I felt if he was excited about it, I might as well trust him and give it a shot,” said Natalia Harris. “We ended up having so much fun and it gave us something to work on together that took our minds off of all the craziness going on around us.” 

Tips for Being Stuck Together During the Shutdown:

  • Create at home dates. We have enjoyed cooking together while listening to a playlist that matches the theme. 
  • Talk about what your priorities are during the quarantine and allow each other time to accomplish personal goals and help each other with them.
  • Take walks. Usually I am busy with work during the day and Ben is busy with the show at night so we don’t get time to take walks together. With the quarantine, we have spent a lot of time walking around in our neighborhood and enjoying the sunsets as a family. 
  • Teach each other something new. For Ben it was as simple as learning to properly load the dishwasher, for me it was recording a new song. No matter what it is, this is a good time to share a new skill with your partner. 
  • Choose a new show and binge together! For the first time ever we found the time to watch a full series from beginning to end. Who knows if we will ever have the time again plus it made for some fun conversation during our walks. And wow was it worth it, that Ozarks ending. 
  • Be silly. Have dance parties, karaoke and of course make Tik Toks. People always say laughter is the best medicine so help each other get through this by keeping a smile on each other’s faces.

“Stuck” is now available on all streaming platforms and the music video is now on YouTube. For more information on Ben Harris, visit benharrismusic.com.


“Stuck” Music Video: https://youtu.be/9RR8VTP-Grk

“Stuck” Ben Harris (feat. Natalia Harris) Streaming Links: http://hyperurl.co/benharris-stuck 

“Stuck” (Radio Edit) Streaming Links: http://smarturl.it/benharris-stuckclean  


“Stuck” MP3 

“Stuck” (Radio Edit) MP3 

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