7 Ways Vaping in Vegas Can Enhance Your Nightclub Experience

Headed to Sin City? Grab your vape. Here are 7 ways that vaping can enhance any night out.

7 Ways Vaping in Vegas Can Enhance Your Nightclub Experience
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Vaping’s popularity has skyrocketed and is now enjoyed by over 40 million people. As that number has soared we’ve seen the number of traditional smokers fall which has likely led to a healthier overall population and less second-hand smoking annoyances in public spaces.

While it’s undeniable that vaping is more socially acceptable than smoking, we are beginning to see pushes from health officials that are looking to restrict vaping and drum up stigma around it. Fortunately, vaping in Vegas is still largely stigma-free (as you’d expect in the city of sin) which means that, when you’re hitting the clubs on a weekend over there, you’ll want to keep your favorite vape and eJuice flavors handy.

Why is vaping in Vegas clubs so great? For a lot of reasons.

Below, we break down a few ways that your vape can upgrade your night of partying in sin city

  1. You’ll Be More Comfortable Than If You Smoke

Have you ever tried partying while smoking? It’s not a fun experience.

Smoking traditional cigarettes creates a heavy sensation in your chest which can sap your energy and make it difficult to breathe. If you’re dancing in the club and smoking at the same time, you’re going to find yourself needing to take breaks to catch your breath a lot.

Vaping, on the other hand, transmits its experience through water vapor which is less inhibiting than smoke. That additional comfort will make it so you can vape and have a great time without having the two activities adversely affect one another.

  1. Fewer People Will Get Upset With You

Smoking cigarettes has a massive stigma attached to it. That stigma is why we’re seeing fewer people than ever light up classic tobacco smokes.

When you light up a cigarette in a club (assuming your club even allows cigarettes) you’re going to be putting a spotlight on yourself that may attract social justice warriors and criticism.

If you’d rather avoid arguments with people that are going to aggressively accuse you of murdering them with your second-hand smoke, you’ll want to stick to vaping in Vegas.

  1. It Gives You Something to Do During Lulls

While clubbing is one of the more fun things that you can do in Vegas, even that activity isn’t without its lulls. When you and your friends decide to take a break and sit in a booth, rather than twiddling your thumbs, vaping will give you something to do that will keep you active and in the partying spirit.

That might not seem like a big vaping in Vegas advantage but believe us when we say that you’ll appreciate the perk when you’re still engaged at 2 am and your buddies are falling asleep in their chairs.

  1. Keep Your Nerves in Check

There’s something to be said about the calming effect that vaping can have on your body. Maybe it’s the soothing touch of partaking in a habitual ritual, maybe it’s the fact that water vapor can depress your body enough that it keeps your nervous system from overreacting.

In either case, if you’re at the club and are nervous about meeting new people, vaping can help you avoid freaking out which will improve your chances of leaving the party with a friend.

  1. It Could Lead to Interesting Social Encounters

As we mentioned in this post’s intro, 40 million people enjoy vaping. That massive number leads us to believe that there’s a great chance that others at your club vape.

That point of connection might lead to interesting conversations on how to maximize your vape flavor, it might lead to people asking to share your vape or a number of other things.

If you have trouble breaking the ice with new people, those tidbits of social help could go a long way.

  1. Your “Smoker’s High” Will Make You More Personable

There’s nothing about a vape pen’s eJuice that objectively gets you high. That being said, a lot of people that vape report what they call a “smoker’s high”.

This high is usually characterized by a calm, all-around good feeling that makes you your best self. Compare that to the person you become when you’re hopping around a club, nervous, and talking at a billion miles per hour.

If your aim is to attract new friends, vaping could put you in a headspace that allows you to better communicate who you are which at best will lead you to making new friends and at worst will keep you from making a fool of yourself.

  1. You Might Save Money

Clubs ain’t cheap. $12.00 for shots, $8.00 for beers, $30.00 for admission… All of those charges can add up fast.

If you’re armed with your vape, one charge that you can avoid is the cost of buying smokes from your club’s bathroom attendant which always represents a horrible deal.

When you consider the possibility of that purchase, by choosing to hit your own vape, you could save $10.00 to $14.00.

Vaping in Vegas Makes You Feel More Like You’re in Vegas

As you’ve discovered, vaping in Vegas can add a lot to your evening. In addition to all of that, hitting your vape while in the City of Sin can make you feel like you’re embracing the city’s vice-filled vibe.

And you know what, that’s a good thing!

You’re in Vegas to have an uninhibited blast so go to parties, have a good time, and vape with confidence in knowing that what happens in Vegas stays there.

For additional tips and fun write-ups on all things Las Vegas, browse more of our newest content!

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