How To Change Your Name After Getting Married In Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas is known for its casinos, entertainment, and activities that might be seen by others as sinful. Many couples wanted to get married in Las Vegas, and in recent years, weddings across the city increased. When a couple decides to marry, the woman would always need to change her last name and take her husband’s surname. Aside from marriages, other people can legally change their names depending on the circumstances. The court would always approve their request of having their names changed, as long as their reason is valid. Some women wanted to revert to their old names or people who do not like the names that their parents gave them. Nevertheless, people who wanted to change their names should think about it carefully before they make their final decision.

People who wanted to change their names in Las Vegas would be required to follow these steps: finding out the best way for the process of changing names, identifying the paperwork that needs to be filed and the offices that should be receiving it, and how a person who needs a name change can start using it so that they can legally use their new names for various purposes.

Procedures Practiced in Las Vegas for People Who Wanted to Change their Names

People who wanted to change their names while in Las Vegas  would always receive certified documentation telling them that their request has been successfully granted. This new documentation can be used to verify the name change. Court orders, divorce decrees, and marriage certificates are some of the examples of documentation that will be handed over to people who have requested for a name change, and it is required if they need to update their existing accounts. The documentation is always required when filing social security card application or updating other identification cards issued by the government like Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses.


Las Vegas is a popular wedding destination. Every year, thousands of couples are visiting the city to get married. It is also the most common way of how someone can change their names. There are many styles in changing the name – some wanted to take the last name of their spouse, while others prefer hyphenating the two surnames. Other configurations for marriage names exist, and the laws in the state of Nevada make it a simple procedure. For married couples, the only thing that the wife needs to present when having her name changed is the certificate of marriage or the marriage license.

To initiate a name change, a newly-married wife can visit the city hall of Las Vegas and fill in the form required. The marriage license or certificate would stand as proof for their request of a name change, and it can be presented to different government agencies when trying to update their information. Getting a name change through marriage is allowed in all states of the United States, and if this is your issue, you longer need to worry because your request will be permitted.


Divorce is a long and arduous process. Couples who wanted to separate will be subjected to hefty legal fees, and they will be required to participate in the legal proceedings for them to understand what they are trying to achieve. When the divorce is finally approved by the court, the couple will be given a final divorce decree. Women who wanted to revert to their old names will be required to present this document when they request for a name change. This is a very simple task, and the name change will take effect immediately.

Name Change Petition for Adults

Existing legal processes simplifies the name change procedures for marriage and divorce. However, when it comes to personal application for a name change, the process can look complicated. The first thing that should be done is to apply for a petition at a court in Nevada. Different forms should be filled in, and the desired name should be indicated in the form. The petitioner should also indicate his or her personal information, and the reasons why they wanted to have their names changed. Criminal convictions should also be indicated in the forms so that the government and police records can be updated. The petition should be filed at a local district court.

The process is different for those who are living in Nevada. After filing the request at a local district court, the petitioner will be required to provide all of his or her criminal records (if there are any). If the petitioner denied their involvement in a crime, it will result in the court rescinding the order. Petitioners are also encouraged not to change their names because of any criminal activities because they will be in a lot of trouble.

Once the court decides on the petition, an order will be released. The petitioner should get a copy of the order and have it certified for record-keeping. The next thing that should be done is to update all information on various government agencies once the order has taken effect.

The social security number and the driver’s license should be updated immediately after a name change. Updating it is simple – people should secure a certified copy of the certificates provided by the court (marriage, divorce, or court order), and then the Social Security office will be giving them their new cards. After obtaining a new social security number, people should visit the DMV and ask for a new driver’s license. The personnel at these offices will be more than happy to serve people who have their names changed. The procedure is simple, and it can be done in just a few minutes.

Using the New Name

People who successfully have their names changed should immediately tell their family and friends about it. They should also change their social media profiles to reflect the changes. Telling the public about your name change is important because this new name will be associated with you from now on. Make sure to update all of your information once you managed to receive the final decision about your request for a name change.

Getting the Forms Required for Name Change

The request for a name change can be performed without consulting a lawyer. However, people can find it more complex if they are processing the name change without the assistance from a professional. If you are confident with your skills in handling these types of requests, you can go ahead and file for a name change without the lawyer’s help. However, if you want legal assistance, many law firms in Las Vegas is more than happy to help.

Changing the name is a simple process for those who are getting married or for couples who are filing for divorce. However, additional steps are required for those who wanted to change their names all because they wanted to change it. The decision to change someone’s name should be an independent decision, and the person who wanted to undergo name change should be 100% sure that they would like to have their names changed. For those who wanted to file for a name change while in Nevada, the legal professionals in the city will be more than happy to assist them with their request, and they assure the people who wanted to change their names that they will achieve their goals without that much inconvenience.

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