Prominent Businesses In Vegas We Don’t Hear About

Las Vegas – or the Sin City, as most people call it. Many businesses thrive in this city due to its popularity all around the world as a city that never sleeps. This is the primary destination for bachelor’s parties, fast weddings, and people who want to forget everything for a night. 

Some movies have been inspired by this city, too, where they picture it as an endless party where we wake up not knowing what happened the night before.

But this city isn’t just about partying – it has many businesses we usually don’t hear about.

Signing Companies 

What does a business need the most? A sign that tells people what is it about!

A Californian sign company states that making a sign sun-resistant is key for its longevity. To achieve this, they use special printers that dry the ink with UV rays.

Not having a sign on our business isn’t an option in Vegas. In this city of lights, having an eye-catching sign is crucial for having people in our store. Posters used to be just a boring name in a font, but nowadays, people have introduced technology into the signs.

Now, we see signs filled with lights, rotating announcements, and even LED screens attached to a sign! Also, having a proper sign will ensure that people can differentiate our business from every other down the street.


We’re all tired of waitresses that take too long to reach our table and then take the order incorrectly.

Well, Zuldi can help avoid that! This is a technology that started in Las Vegas, but it’s quickly spreading all around. This service works with any Point-of-Sale system already installed.

It consists of an automated system that connects the POS with another device like tablets or iPods. This way, the customer can order a meal from the table themselves without worrying about having their orders mixed up.

After the customer orders the meal, they can also pay using the Zuldi system. It can accept any card that has a chip or online payments from ApplePay or AndroidPay. Zuldi also contains a safety net that ensures that the form of payment isn’t stored on the system, reducing fraud and security breaches.

Besides, this service can help the business owner collect data from their own customers. Zuldi does store pieces of information like what’s ordered the most and how much. This can help the owner to know more about their customers and their demographics.

Live Time News

Forget about getting the news late or incorrectly! In a city where many things happen at the same time, we need to be informed about what’s happening in our surroundings.

There’s a new platform called Banjo that can help take the delay factor out of reporting news. This system works in a way that collects data at the moment that the signal is emitted. And then, it groups the data in order to inform their customers about what’s happening at that exact moment.

This is extremely useful, for example, if we need to arrive at a place quickly. Just check the platform and see if anything is going on in the streets. That way, we can avoid arriving late to a necessary appointment.

Also, Banjo works with verified sources, avoiding any fake news spread.

The problem with news is that almost no one watches television anymore, so we inform ourselves from social media. Sometimes, however, social media can lie about something or hide important news according to personal interests. With a platform that can tell us about everything in real-time, we can be aware of everything that’s going on.

Digital Marketing Agencies

We know that a business isn’t successful without having a social media presence, at least when the company is starting out.

Building our business on social media is exhausting, and we often don’t have time to do this.

Post Launch has become incredibly prominent among digital marketing agencies, especially in Las Vegas. They can do everything for our business – content SEO, social media marketing, send emails to potential clients, and more.

These types of companies are extremely useful because they help grow our company without taking hours from our day. Also, they have plenty of experience to run a business.

Sometimes we, as business owners, aren’t too savvy about social media marketing or getting to know the most significant influencer. That’s why we usually need help with things we can’t manage ourselves.


We, as sports fans, usually don’t get the full experience from a game. Many celebrities go to games with all the expenses covered, and all the planning traced, so they just show up, and everything goes smoothly.

For fans, it’s rarely that way. We need to struggle to buy tickets, find a good location, get the plane tickets, and arrange the whole thing. A new app called Fandeavor can take away all the bad from going to a game!

This service helps fans to acquire a whole package to see their favorite game. It includes plane tickets, hotel reservations, rental cars, transfers to the game, travel insurance, tours, and more. With Fandeavor, we just have to browse around our preferred game and select a package. And voila, we now have everything pre-planned for us.

Bowling with Friends

Bowling is huge in Vegas! Most friend groups enjoy at least a night out on the week to go bowling, so why not make it even more fun?

There’s an app called Rolltech that’s taking over the bowling game all around Vegas. It consists of going to a location that enables the app, and connecting ourselves with friends. The app allows us to store our scores, start challenges, and win rewards from playing.

Also, it can help us improve our game because it analyzes our stats and gives us advice on how to improve based on our scores.


We know that partying is why people go to Vegas, but what about those college students that live in Vegas?

They usually get bored from going to the same places and having the same experiences, that’s why they typically plan trips to other cities.

Planning a trip for many people is complicated – there are many things to arrange, coordinate, plan, and book. That’s when hiring JusCollege is a smart decision. They are a company that plans trips for college students.

Having someone to plan a trip for us is a blessing. If we plan ourselves, we might forget about some things, or our plans might not align with the timing. Giving an established company the power to arrange everything, we make sure that the trip can go smoothly.

They offer packages for any city we want to visit, and they include the best hotel reservations, the most comfortable transportation, and many fun activities to take part in!

Final Thoughts

Las Vegas isn’t just a casino city. It has many things to do and many emerging technologies that are taking over other cities.

This city has many businesses we usually don’t hear about, like new apps that make our life easier, services that help with restaurants, and marketing agencies that help our business grow.

Going to Vegas is exciting due to its extravagance, but getting to know the city is lovely.

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