The 5 Best Places to Capture on Video In or Near Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most photogenic places in the US. There are so many options for epic video backdrops that the decision over which ones to choose can be difficult. One thing is for sure, this is a top destination to choose to film some memorable video content.

If you have been trying your hand at film restoration, and managed to bring some of your old films back to life, you may have gotten the bug again. So why not spend some time filming these exciting spots in and around Las Vegas?

Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is one sight that anyone living in, or travelling to, Las Vegas needs to see. It’s only 30 miles from The Strip so it’s easy to reach and you get some awesome video backdrops. You can even take to the water and get a whole new perspective on the surrounding views.

The Bellagio

The fountains at The Bellagio are arguably the most well-known sight in the city. They are certainly one of the most romantic places to spend time, for local couples and visitors alike. If you are looking to make a video that has a vibe of love and excitement, The Bellagio it’s a good choice of destination to visit.

Fremont Street

Fremont Street projects the vibe of old Las Vegas. It’s the place where the first hotel was opened in the city and it’s still one of the most exciting places to visit with a camera or smartphone, and capture a video. From the array of quirky shops and kiosks in the pedestrianised area to the never to be forgotten Viva Vision light show at dusk, there is plenty to bring together in a creative video.

Red Rock Conservation Area

It’s hard to believe that the natural experience of Red Rock is only minutes away from Vegas by car. For anyone looking to film in the area, it’s an experience not to be missed. It’s the perfect place to capture memorable video clips of nature. Visitors to the conservation area also get the added bonus of being able to hike and picnic. All in all, this makes for the perfect day out for keen video makers who want to escape the city for a while.

The Las Vegas Sign

The Welcome to Las Vegas sign may not be a very original video backdrop, but it’s still a classic. There are so many opportunities to create the perfect video around this iconic piece of Las Vegas culture. You can capture a romantic moment, or film your own mini party; any video content benefits from having this sign as its focus.

Even if you spend all of your time in Las Vegas there is still magic to be had from these locations. You can take you camera or smartphone and spend some time capturing moving images of life in and around this amazing city.

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