What to Do in Las Vegas in 2 Days — a Trip for Two

There is one thing that has remained in my mind since the last days of 2019 — a simple question that someone asked us at the family dinner: if they gave you a plane ticket to use at the weekend, which destination would you choose?

What to Do in Las Vegas in 2 Days — a Trip for TwoImage by Pexels from Pixabay 

Well, guys, my friend and I looked into each other’s eyes, and the response was almost immediate!

It was supposed to be a simple stop on the road to the South West of the United States, but we liked it so much that we can’t wait to go back.

We are talking about Las Vegas, an incredible city (and we knew this) that has conquered.

In two days, we toured Strip backwards and forwards to discover its amazing hotels and casinos, the exciting shows of the Mirage and Bellagio, and the sky bars where you can enjoy the sunset.

We fell in love with that playful, easygoing, and relaxed atmosphere, and it was not so obvious. Are you curious to find out why?

So, come with us on this all-American adventure on the streets of Las Vegas!

Las Vegas in 2 Days

When we asked for advice on Las Vegas before we left, some people said it wasn’t worth it, and this city ​​of toys is just a waste of time in a sea of ​​beauty and opportunities.

Well, today, we would answer that yes, it is absolutely worth it. Because life is also about lightness and fun, and if the States undeniably have exceptional wonders, the madness of Las Vegas is one of them.

Day 1

Wherever your hotel is located, the Las Vegas Monorail is the ideal way to travel from north to south the Strip, the main street of the city. The alternative, also personally tested and approved, is Uber: the prices are very competitive, and absolute comfort is guaranteed.

The Venetian

Having made these necessary premises, our itinerary in Las Vegas starts from The Venetian, an immense and faithful reconstruction of Venice in all its parts. The impact was crazy for us: we found ourselves near:

  • the Doge’s Palace
  • the Rialto Bridge
  • the Bell Tower
  • the column of San Marco

Behind them, there is the majestic palace of The Venetian, at the foot of which, you can find the artificial lake and gondolas. They take tourists around various sights, and you can listen to the most interesting songs there.

If the exterior of The Venetian is almost disturbing, the interiors are even more disturbing: in addition to the main area, there are great corridors squares whose ceiling is the reproduction of a clear blue sky. They are done so well that it seems you are outside, in the open-air. There is no other word to describe The Venetian Casino: crazy, in all its forms.

The Mirage

After a couple of games on the Treasure Island slot machines, we went out and headed for the Mirage Casino. The exterior is beautiful there. It’s like you’re crossing a tropical forest:

  • Exotic plants
  • A gigantic volcano
  • An artificial lake
  • The scene of a fireworks display (which we will attend in the evening).

The main entrance of The Mirage is wonderful — a glass dome over 30 meters high! The air is pervaded by exotic perfumes, and it takes just a few more steps to admire a splendid aquarium.

The Caesars Palace

The next stop is the Caesars Palace and its majestic facade that inevitably recalls the ancient splendor of the Roman Empire. Also, the size of the exterior is confirmed in the internal rooms:

  • Immense porches
  • Marble statues
  • Shops and restaurants

Caesars Palace is the right place to visit before continuing our tour. Before leaving, however, take a look at the program of the Colosseum, the of Las Vegas: you might be lucky enough to attend a concert by Celine Dion or the legendary Mariah Carey!

The Flamingo

To reach our next casino, Flamingo, just cross the street. The facade of the building is very glamorous and perfect for a souvenir photo. Still, there is not much to do or see inside, if not to stop for a few bets.

And, just before eight in the evening, we are again in front of The Mirage: the eruption of the volcano will begin in a few minutes. Together with us, many people stop to enjoy this free show, which is held three times a day, every hour, from 20 to 22.

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The final stage of the day is for a great classic: the Bellagio fountains. In a dreamy atmosphere on the exciting night of Las Vegas, the water jets move sinuously to the rhythm of the music. A romantic and unforgettable moment. If you really want to “exaggerate,” treat yourself with a cocktail at Hyde del Bellagio — the perfect place to enjoy the show.


The second day started early in the morning. Yes, that’s right: get in the car, Uber, or a simple taxi, and let yourself be brought to one of the most famous signs in the States: “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada”!

Being there with the first sun rays will allow you to take a great photo without the hassle of the crowd that, at other times of the day, literally consumes this famous corner of the city.

The Bellagio Casino

Now it’s time to dive back into the madness of Las Vegas, and the idea is to start again from the Bellagio Casino & Hotel. The immense gaming area takes us back to two cinematic milestones of the last few years: “Ocean’s Eleven” and “A Lion’s Night.” We go into the maze of this splendid resort: luxury and elegance can be seen everywhere.

Once out of Bellagio, here is Paris Las Vegas Hotel and its Eiffel Tower in all its glory. We cross the Strip and enter it to enjoy the settings of the Ville Lumiere, also, in this case, magnificently reproduced. Walking along the Parisian boulevards, or in the sparkling and sumptuous Rue de la Paix is fascinating. Everything reminded us of that first vacation abroad, made many years earlier.

The Cosmopolitan

Passing the Arc de Triomphe, we leave the resort and continue our tour: we go up to the terrace of the Planet Hollywood Casino, to admire the majesty of the Cosmopolitan from the outside. Before entering, we take advantage of Planet Hollywood’s wide choice of venues to taste the best tacos.

The Cosmopolitan welcomes us with its splendid and immense chandelier (3 floors high!). It is the New York atmosphere, and the famous giant red shoe that is literally stormed by Japanese girls!

The Cosmopolitan gambling hall is a bit dated, especially when compared to that of the Mirage. With renewed vigor and a few dollars more in the wallet, we head to New York-New York, braving the afternoon heat of Las Vegas.

New York-New York

The fifteen-minute walk that separates the two casinos at three in the afternoon was a severe test. Still, when we arrive in front of the Empire State Building, we remain open-mouthed.

And the excitement doesn’t end here: obviously, there is the Statue of Liberty, the mythical Brooklyn Bridge and there is no shortage of roller coasters — perhaps a tribute to those of Coney Island?

What to Do in the Evening?

Our first stop, to be reached before sunset, is an exceptional sky bar: the Skyfall Lounge.

It is located on the top floor of the Delano Hotel: from up there, we assure you, the view of Las Vegas is amazing.

A cocktail costs $ 15 (don’t forget your tip!), but the view is worth it all: it ranges from the black and shiny pyramid of the Luxor Casino to the mountains of the Valley. Enjoy these fantastic moments!

Then, after seeing all the lights of the Las Vegas night, head to the Mandalay Bay Resort, not without admiring the red jacket and Michael Jackson shoes first. At Mandalay Bay, you can attend the show dedicated to the king of pop or enter the House of Blues Music Hall.

If you still have energy, explore the Luxor to be amazed by the immense pyramid. Then return to the Strip towards the Bellagio, enjoying the crazy and happy night of Las Vegas.

Where to Stay in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, you can make your most imaginative dreams come true without spending absurd amounts of money.

In our opinion, it is fundamental to find accommodation that is in the immediate vicinity of the Strip, the street of the most famous resorts and casinos. You will be spoiled for choice — from the glamorous settings of New York-New York to the oriental ones of Mandalay Bay, from the fairytale scenarios of Excalibur to the pirate ones of Treasure Island.

We stayed a few hundred meters from the Strip, in a super luxury room in The Signature complex: we had a view of the Cosmopolitan, and it was a real enchantment. How much did we spend? Just over $200 for two nights — a ridiculous figure when compared to the quality of the accommodation.

Next time, however, we already have our destination in mind: it will be the Mirage Resort & Casino. We fell in love with it!


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