American Alternative Band Lifehouse Parties at Moon Nightclub

Lifehouse band members Bryce Soderberg, Jason Wade and Ben Carey
American alternative band, Lifehouse partied at a VIP table at Moon Nightclub inside Palms Casino Resort Tuesday night for Local Love Tuesday.   Band members Bryce Soderberg, Jason Wade and Ben Carey (pictured above) arrived around midnight with four friends and sipped on Ketel One mixed drinks.

Also at Moon Nightclub was NBA player for the Miami Heat, Jermaine O’Neal. Dressed in jeans, a white t-shirt and jewelry, O’Neal was accompanied by his wife and four friends. They drank Red Bull mixed drinks.

At Playboy Club, Kansas City Chiefs running back, Larry Johnson, checked out the scene and played blackjack for a short while. Wearing a white shirt, black pants and a leather coat, he drank Ketel One and Red Bull and left a little before midnight.

Photo credit: Shane O’Neal.

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