Choosing a Hotel in Las Vegas with the Best Casino

Choosing a Hotel in Las Vegas with the Best Casino
Which hotel in Las Vegas has the best casino? Well there is a long list of casino hotels offering theatres, clubs, restaurants, malls and even gondola rides. Nothing beats the thrill of live roulette and Blackjack. 

Perhaps the most famous hotel in Vegas is Caesars Palace. Opened in 1966 it has staged some of the greatest prize fights in the history of boxing. It was also the playground of the legendary “Rat Pack”. These days it still boasts a catalogue of big names performers and entertainers. You should not leave Las Vegas without visiting this icon of 20th century Americana.

Then there is the Mirage Hotel. Not quite as sprawling as its modern-day rival hotels the Mirage has been recently upgraded to keep its reputation as one of the leading players on the strip. Opened in 1989 the hotel boasts a waterfall in its world-famous atrium. Now imagine playing roulette to the background sound of a waterfall!

The 3000 roomed Cosmopolitan Hotel is also a Vegas icon. Most rooms offering a terrace view over the strip the Cosmopolitan contains the renowned Chandelier Bar. A gathering place for the rich and wannabe famous it is a must see on your trip.

The Mandalay Bay is another giant of the strip. With a 12000-seat event centre there is always something amazing happening. Venture upstairs and you may even see sharks. Yes, that is what the famous Mandalay Bay can offer. Family entertainment and quintessentially Vegas.

Gondoliers will steer you through the Venetian Palazzo Resort Hotel as strolling performers sing you operatic songs. Yes, if that is what it takes to float your boat the Venetian Palazzo is the one for you. This amazing venue opened in 1999 hosts some of the city’s great shows and very best restaurants. It even has its own replica of St. Mark’s square. You really must see to believe the amazing Venetian Palazzo.

The Wynn and the Wynn Encore are both the brainchild of the legendary hotel visionary Steve Wynn. These twin giants will stop your breath with their world famous front show fountains. If you like big and splashy with an eye for beautiful art then maybe the Wynn or Wynn Encore is for you. Prices are very reasonable at around $150 for a double.

These hotels are some of the jewels of Las Vegas. They dominate the Las Vegas skyline and inside they are even more stunning. Be sure to visit each and every one before you leave the most amazing place on earth, Sin City.

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