DJT Lounge at Trump International Hotel Las Vegas rolls out Inventive Mixology Program

DJT Lounge at Trump International Hotel Las Vegas rolls out Inventive Mixology Program
DJT Lounge
at Trump International Hotel Las Vegas magnifies its existing cocktail program by showcasing new, innovative mixology including experimental infusions and seasonal cocktails. 

Led by DJT’s team of master mixologists, Antonio Olvera and Andrew Almanza, the new mixology program introduces delicious flavor profiles and creative concoctions based on the season’s best ingredients. Utilizing fresh produce and other distinct elements, high-end, popular spirits are infused then aged to perfection. The results are purely natural selections that can be enjoyed straight up or as part of a variety of signature cocktails.

“We’re adding personality to the mixology program here at DJT Lounge,” said Daniel Bausa, The Director of Food and Beverage at Trump Las Vegas. “Olvera and Almanza are talented and skilled mixologists and enjoy experimenting with new flavors and combinations to discover unique and delectable tastes. We’re continuously mixing new infusions and offering them as part of seasonal menus.”

DJT Lounge at Trump International Hotel Las Vegas rolls out Inventive Mixology Program

DJT Lounge at Trump International Hotel Las Vegas rolls out Inventive Mixology Program

Straight-up Infusions:
Soaked and aged in-house from one week up to one month, a selection of liquor infusions that are currently offered are highlighted below:

  • Pineapple habanero Hangar One Vodka – Fresh pineapple and habanero chili peppers produce a refreshing and spicy taste
  • Spring infused vodka – A mixture of tarragon, star anise and cinnamon offers a fragrant scent and invigorating flavor
  • Raspberry American Harvest Vodka – Sweet fruit-infused vodka creates a delicious summer drink
  • Jalapeño Don Julio Blanco Tequila – Infused tequila offers a uniquely delicious savory heat
  • Chipotle honey Jim Beam Bourbon – Homemade chipotle reduction and fresh local honey sourced from Pahrump Honey Company develops a smoky bourbon taste
  • Vanilla cinnamon Bacardi Superior Rum – Fresh vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks create a warm and soothing rum
  • Cucumber dill Tanqueray Gin – Thinly sliced cucumbers and dill sprigs infuse to produce a smooth and lively gin
  • Lemon Chopin Rye Vodka – Thinly sliced lemon peel lends a crisp and bright taste to this refreshing infused vodka
  • Peppercorn Jameson Irish Whiskey – Crushed peppercorns are highlighted in this whiskey that will appeal to fans of spice and lovers of pepper
  • Caprese Hangar One Vodka – Fresh basil and tomatoes offer a light and refreshing vodka taste that is served in a martini glass garnished with mozzarella
  • Red Hot Jameson Irish Whiskey – Red-hot cinnamon candies are steeped in whiskey to develop a fiery shot

Spring Cocktails:

DJT’s mixologists have also crafted a variety of refreshing libations that are offered on the new spring menu, many incorporating house-made infusions. New spins on classics, cutting-edge ingredients and farm-fresh produce are featured in the following:

  • American Harvest Blackberry Mule – American Harvest Organic Vodka infused with fresh raspberries, Domain de Canton and freshly squeezed lime is topped with Fever Tree Ginger Beer and garnished with mint and lime. The tasty beverage is served over crushed ice in an American Harvest Organic Vodka copper mug.
  • Watermelon Basil – Sweet watermelon complements basil in an infusion with Ciroc Red Berry Vodka, fresh pineapple and orange juices. The cocktail is served over crushed ice with a giant basil leaf.
  • The Grapest Cocktail – Made with High West Double Rye, fresh lemon juice and a dash of rhubarb bitters, and served with a teaspoon of grape jam to incorporate to taste, sprigs of thyme and a lemon peel.
  • The Jockey – Blanton’s bourbon is mixed with fresh sweet and sour and maraschino cherries. The final touch of a merlot float completes the beverage.

DJT Lounge’s Blackbook of Mixtures:
In addition to the extraordinary list of seasonal infusions and hand-crafted cocktails that make it onto the bar’s menus, DJT Lounge’s mixologists keep a running list of special inventions made previously for specific clientele and documented as visitor favorites. Offered by special request, these “off-the-menu” drinks are enjoyed by many guests and residents of Trump International Hotel Las Vegas.

DJT Lounge boasts an extensive wine list including Trump Wine sparkling red and white selections from its estate grown fruit in the heart of the Monticello AVA and serves the modern American cuisine of Chef Sydney Jones and his culinary team. Pioneering farm-to-table programs that foster seasonal creativity through the regional sourcing of fresh ingredients, DJT Lounge’s new mixology program perfectly complements Chef Jones’ menu comprising a wide selection of farm-fresh signature dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

DJT Lounge is open Sunday – Thursday from 6:30 a.m. – midnight and on Friday and Saturday from 6:30 a.m. – 2 a.m. For more information or for dining reservations, please visit the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas website at or call (702) 982-0000.

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